Dwayne Johnson and Auli’I Cravalho Compete in Eyebrow Challenge on “Moana” Set.


We all remember Dwayne Johnson before he decided to become an actor. The wrestling fans all around the world were admiring his moves, strength and the most importantly, astonishing eyebrow work. Although The Rock hasn’t entered the ring in a while, he has found a new rival on the set – his lovely costar Auli’I Cravalho, who will play the lead role in “Moana”.

She posted a video on Twitter where she told Johnson, who, by the way, plays the character named Maui, that her variation of the move called “The People’s Eyebrow” was far better than Johnson’s. Johnson accepted the challenge and responded:”So Auli’i, which I appreciate, she’s very confident, but she thinks she can do my thing, my signature thing better than me, which is impossible. So we’re going to see right now.”

Dwayne Johnson was dazzled with her version and especially the amount of arch. However, he remained cool and did his signature move after which he said:”Game over”.

Cravalho didn’t want to give up that easy so she did the same move with the other eyebrow raised and thus discovered a Johnson’s weak spot. He was unable to do it with the other eyebrow and he said he could do it back in his “dr*nk days”. Lin-Manuel Miranda jumped into the frame to declare Auli’i winner of the challenge.

“Moana” will hit the theaters on November 23. Meanwhile, check out the video below:

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