Dwayne Johnson Almost Interrupted Oscar Ceremony


Like we stated in one of our previous articles Dwayne Johnson is King of Memes. One of the photos that helped him get to the throne is the one from 2017 Oscars ceremony. His stunned face was ideal for memes, and Internet didn’t hold back in utilizing it.

The last year’s Oscars will be remembered for its blunder during the announcement in the’ Best Movie’ category. At the moment The Rock was sitting in the first rows and according to Jumanji: Welcome To the Jungle superstar he was only seconds away from ‘kicking some a*s.’

If you remember, during the 2017 Oscars, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway declared the wrong winner for the best picture Oscar. They announced La La Land as the winner, while the award was actually won by Moonlight.

The error was quickly set right, but the blunder will remain remembered as the biggest one in the history of this ceremony.

During The Graham Norton Show Johnson was asked about whole that situation, as he was one of the most shocked people in the audience which can be concluded from the one look at his face. Describing how he felt at the moment, The Rock said: “I was about to jump up on the stage and kick some a*s. I really thought something was going down, like a hijack or something.”

Johnson’s co-star from the action-adventure film Rampage Naomie Harris was also a guest at Graham Norton’s as she and Johnson’s were promoting their project. She was also, interestingly, one of the leading actors in Moonlight, so she also had a comment about the Oscars blunder: “I eventually went up on stage, but I was glued to my seat, to begin with – I couldn’t believe what was happening. I guess a moment like that will never happen again, so it was kind of cool.”

Like we mentioned, Harris and Johnson are staring together in a movie called Rampage which is at the moment in theaters all over the world. Thanks to Johnson’s star power, exciting story and brilliant action sequences the film is currently at the top of the box office.