How to Download the Videos from Different Apps Securely and Easily


The Internet is an amazing thing. It has done wonders after its invention. People use it majorly for educational, informational, or entertainment purposes. The online entertainment industry is growing rapidly. Very few people watch TV shows or dramas. But the majority prefers to stream videos online. Social media or other sites provide people with everything they are interested in to watch or share.

The percentage of online video streaming on different platforms like youtube or Netflix was recorded 85% of users. Out of which, 62 percent of users were streaming online through their mobile phones. This stat is for video streaming only.

If we talk about audio streaming then you would be amazed to know that according to the IFPI survey done in 2019, 47% of music video streaming was recorded globally. 37% goes to paid audio streaming and 15% includes free audio streaming.

Why do people need to download online streaming videos:

People enjoy streaming videos online and cannot download them because of the unavailability of a download option. And if they get the download option at any site, it takes a lot of time to download the content. So they abandon the idea of downloading any movie or video. The fact is that you cannot have an active internet connection all of the time. There can be server issues or bad weather that let the singles to drop. To keep up the vibe and get entertainment in these offline situations, you badly need to have something downloaded on your phone.

By having the download option available, you can download your favorite movie or music videos and store them on your laptop or pc. Downloading the video saves your mobile data. You mostly watch your favorite videos or music online more than once and it surely consumes more data adding to your monthly internet invoice. So it is a very wise decision to download movies or videos and watch them offline. It will save money and provide entertainment offline.

How to download online streaming videos:

It is fun to stream videos online but it would be nice to download your favorite ones. The internet has a solution to every technical problem. Through advanced apps and their features, it is a piece of cake to download the videos now. Save all media files to your PC without third-party apps. Appreciate the benefits of Bigbangram and keep the necessary content always at hand. All you need to do is to search for the safest and fastest site of the app to download the video. Take the following steps to download the videos:

  • Search the app or site to download the videos in the Google search bar
  • It would give you options to get access to that particular browser or app
  • Make sure your phone has allowed the installation of unknown apps and sites
  • After downloading the file, click to install it. it would be automatically installed if downloading from the Google play store
  • When the installation gets complete, click to open it.
  • It would allow you to search the videos
  • Click your desired video to install it and enjoy it offline!

Some apps offer you a paid subscription. But most of the apps offer this feature for free. Free apps save costs and give the same features as paid ones.

Benefits of having a downloading browser:

The benefit is the word that comes to mind while going for something new. Youtube or social media platforms don’t have the option to download the videos. only an additional downloading browser or app can help in this matter. Following are the major benefits of downloading an additional browser to download the videos:
  • Only a single additionally downloaded browser like Vidmate App can download videos from every platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or youtube
  • The browser allows you to stream online and download the videos in your regional languages
  • Completely safe and secure. No malicious virus or malware is downloaded side by side.
  • It can save data and memory of the phone
  • It saves money because it is completely free of costs

This is how you get benefits from an additional browser. It is the best thing to go for if you are fond of downloading the latest movies and videos without any interruption.

The other amazing features of the downloading app:

Downloading the online streaming videos is the concern of a large audience. But the quality of the downloaded video is also very important. It would be of no use if there is constant buffering and distortion in audio. To overcome these problems and other similar ones, the additionally installed app or browser give a lot of other options like:

  • Video to mp3 conversion:

Don’t worry if you want to keep the audio only. You can save mp3 or mp4 audio by choosing this action from the given options. This will not affect the audio quality. It is the best option for music lovers. Or you can use any specific audio in your school project. You can make your own video on the extracted audio. Sounds nice, right?

  • Quality selection:

There is no use in downloading the video if it turns blur later. You can choose the quality of 780p or even 1080p through the additionally installed app. Even youtube does not offer video quality of more than 320p. The high-quality video lets you dive into beautiful image affects good colors, clear captions or subtitles, style, and movements.

  • Downloading WhatsApp statuses:

Whatsapp allows you to add status just like the Instagram story. It vanishes automatically after 24 hours. When you like somebody’s video status, you have to ask them to send it to you because there is no downloading option on WhatsApp. You must have felt annoyed when you have to ask people time and time again to send you their status video. Fortunately, the additionally downloaded browser or app helps you download the video status easily.

  • Live TV channels:

The additionally installed browser lets you discover more things like sport, live news, music, and many more things side by side.


Downloading videos saves time and data. The people who love to collect the latest music videos or movies, it is the best way to download and store these on your pc or phone. The good thing is, it is completely free!