They say that everyone in life gets their five minutes of fame. Some manage to seize those five minutes and make something out of it while some do not.

On one Russian television – “Mir24“, during the news broadcast, an unexpected guest appeared. At first, it prowled around the table trying to examine the territory. Then he made the most of his five minutes, even though he didn’t need as much.

The black dog jumped right before the TV presenter and stayed in the shot for a couple of seconds. The video has become extremely popular and reached as many as 6 million views on Youtube Channel.

However, what is even more exciting is the reaction of the TV presenter. She seems to be more a cat rather that a dog person.

At first, she got scared upon hearing something barking behind her. Her eyes widened, but she continued to talk anyway. The presenter tried to ignore it and continue to host the program when a huge dog lifted on his back feet jumped on her desk right in front of her. The girl who was hosting the program did not move from her seat although noticeably scared. The dog was sniffing something on the table, but he didn’t bark anymore. It was waiving its tail almost the whole time, most likely being in a search for food. Upon realizing that the dog is not dangerous in any way the girl calmed down and started to laugh. She found it quite amusing, and although the presence of the dog made her a bit nervous, she decided to pet it a little bit.

Without rising panic and showing fear, the TV presenter continued to host as if the situation was completely normal. The dog remained in the studio for some time. Congratulations to this woman on her professionalism.