Does John Cena Help Roman Reigns?


The WWE constantly had that one superstar that they always booked to be a Superhero. Back in the day, Hulk Hogan was the guy everybody pushed in the company. He always overcame the odds and won against the bad guys when it mattered the most. The fans loved that, everybody’s hero always ended up on top. Those were the different days of wrestling. Now, the fans really don’t like when somebody is pushed down their throats.

The first example of that is John Cena. At first, he was one of the hottest superstars ever with the crowd. Then, the fans started seeing that this thing with Cena is the same thing that they did with a guy like Hogan 30 years ago. Cena was then cheered and booed, which is something that was new for the company at the time.


After Cena, we have a guy like Roman Reigns. Unlike Cena, he was booed as soon as his Superhero push started as the fans have seen that WWE is trying to do the same thing yet again. The sport of wrestling has changed a lot, and the fans just don’t want to see that anymore. Cena knows that Roman is going through a tough period with the fans and he has recently commented on how he deals with it and whether or not he is of any help to The Big Dog.

“I haven’t helped Roman, and that’s not because I don’t want to. And I think that’s a testament to Roman Reigns’ ability to handle the audience. You need pretty broad shoulders. That he hasn’t had to come to anyone else for advice shows exactly how strong he is.”