The main reason why you should consider buying a hairdryer along with various products is that you will save a lot of money and time since you can avoid visiting a styling all the time. With some skills and experience, you will be able to get a perfect style on your own. However, you will need the right combination of products. Therefore, check out NuMeHair.

One of the most common devices that everyone owns is the hair dryer. While the main purpose is clear, the great thing is that you can use it when you want to improve the style as well. However, we can hear that many people speak about potential negative effects. We are going to introduce you to myths and facts about hair drying.

Are There Any Downsides?

While you can find a lot of things that are misconceptions, you have to know that there are situations where you might damage your hair with the dryer. It depends on various factors like the duration, level of heat, condition of your hair, and more. For example, noticing that your hair is dry can be more difficult when you have a longer one. Therefore, you might face issues if you simply turn on the device after showering, and keep it in one spot for a longer time.

That can damage both skin and hair, and even affect the roots. The best solution to prevent that is to keep your hands getting through the hair while drying. Also, the selection of the device can be very important. You should avoid those unknown brands since you might get a model that is too strong, which will lead to burns and damage. Besides that, it might make your skin dry as well, which can cause dandruff.

To debunk some common myths, like losing the hearing, effects on the brain, and more, you only have to understand the function of this device and how to use it in the right way. It is not difficult to understand that using it too much every day, and keeping it too long aimed at the same spot will lead to issues. On the other hand, if you use it properly, it will lead only to benefits.

What Are the Benefits?

When you learn more about potential dangers, you can benefit from using them in many ways. We already mentioned the ability to avoid visiting a hair stylist so often. Investing a $100 in a good dryer will save you thousands of dollars over time. Also, the great feature is that it will lead to shiny hair, and it will become much easier to set the right style.  You can determine the position by using your hands, and then aim the dryer in the right position so you can secure the right form of your hair.

You can preserve your health with it as well. If you go out on a colder day while your hair is still wet, you might catch a cold. On the other side, only a couple of minutes of using this device will make it completely dry.

Still, you will need to learn how to use it in the right way so you can finish the process faster and with better results, while avoiding all potential downsides at the same time. The first step is to use a towel to remove large portion of water. If you don’t do this, the process of drying will become much longer and less efficient.

Also, try to avoid using a comb at the same time while you are drying it. A much better option is to use your hands to choose the position where the air will force the hair. Another important tip is to keep the right distance from the head and set a lower level. As we already said, higher output is the main reason why some people are facing issues.

Furthermore, you can use it even when your hair is dry. This is a perfect way for quickly fixing your haircut. The heat will affect the dry hair in almost the same way then it does to the wet one. It is easier to use it as well since you will feel the heat and it will be much easier to determine the right position and distance from the head.

Is It Safe to Use It All the Time?

The simple answer is yes. You can use it each time after you wash your hair, and there is no reason to worry about potential issues. Also, if you are facing some problems with your hair, maybe the dryer is not the reason for that. If you are not sure, the best solution is to consult an expert and see the doctor. For example, there is a myth where people think that frequent drying can lead to hair loss. However, this has nothing to do with the facts.

On the other side, if you force a higher heat all the time so you can complete these process faster, or you simply don’t pay attention to the time while the device is aimed at one spot, there is a small chance that it might cause some issues.

Last Words

The interesting thing is that we can find numerous myths about all kinds of products today. The problem is that many people decide to believe them without even checking whether there is any proof for that. The same can be said for hair dryers. A lot of people are saying that it will damage your hair over time. Still, the only way to do that is to force it too much and use higher levels of heat.

When it comes to the most of the myths that we could find, there are no proofs for any of them, especially when it comes to losing hearing, brain damage, and more. In that matter, there is no reason to be afraid if you are using your dryer all the time as long as you are doing that in the right way.