Djokovic started eating meat again!


Well, thank you Lord! This is the news that everyone awaited ever since Novak’s game has taken a turn for the worse. According to former Serbia’s Davis Cup coach Bogdan Obradovic, Novak has started eating meat again.

Mr. Obradovic has stated, during an interview for the Spanish Ace, that Novak has changed his diet and that the coming period will show the exact effect that change caused to this recently best player in the world. “Novak is eating meat, which is good, now we will see how will he react” stated Obradovic and after that he turned to the period in which the Serbian tennis player made a lot of changes in his routine. “Last year, he didn’t play for weeks, that’s no good. He reduced his training. Then he started with a strange way of nutrition, he meditated more than he hit the ball. He made a break in his routine, and in tennis, a simple racket change may affect your entire game. Now you can imagine how it feels to change the entire approach” stated Obradovic.

The diet Djokovic was on, which was practically a vegan diet with no meat at all, according to Obradovic claims is very bad. “He emptied his physical reserves. I was the first to have problems with Pepe Imaz about it. All these mental coaches they make you think about what is most important, and just there lies a disaster. One Michael Phelps enjoys eating his grandmother’s specialties, and after that he goes and breaks the world record. Novak is a great guy, but he’s carried away by strange theories.”

As it turns out, Mr. Obradovic seems to know Pepe Imaz, Spaniard who is Novak’s mental guru, from way back. “In Segovia I trained some young players that he left. Back then he said that his mental training will bring him more money. It is good to prepare the mind, but it is necessary to practice and hit the ball a million times. I have nothing against Pepe’s work but at a crucial period such as this one is, change of Novak’s nutrition and reduction of his training load is bad.”

Well, we hope that something good will come out of this because Novak really needs something that will wake him up from this fall he is experiencing lately, and if eating meat will get him to the top, where he belongs, again, we say how much of it do you need? We are here for you!

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