DIY Tips For Using Interior Design To Make Your Apartment Feel Much Bigger


If you live in a small space, then you understand the challenge of arranging and rearranging furniture and still feeling cramped and claustrophobic every time you walk through your living or bedroom. Living in a small space doesn’t mean you have to spend your days tripping over couch ends and never having anywhere to set your drink. Instead of being constantly frustrated with the lack of livable space, use some of these interior design tricks to open up your apartment and create a more pleasant living experience.

1. Use Mirrors To Open Up A Small Room

Strategically placed mirrors can maximize natural and artificial light, brightening up a room without having to add an extra lamp or light fixture. Hang a mirror on a wall opposite a window and see how this will immediately illuminate your space. This is something every interior design specialist recommends. Mirrored doors or panels will also work wonders to add to the illusion of additional space. If you don’t have the budget to buy new furniture and you need a quick fix, adding in mirrors is one of the easiest and least expensive DIY options.

2. Add Floor To Ceiling Curtains.

No kidding, this is one of the best interior design tricks you could think of. For very small apartments, designers recommend trying to hang the curtain rods close to the ceiling and finding curtains that would hang all the way to the floor. This setup tricks the eye into thinking the room is taller than what it is.

Don’t believe it? Check out a before and after picture of floor-to-ceiling curtains on Pinterest of Google Images. Beyond the illusion of space, this trick makes you look like you really knew what you were doing when you were decorating your place.

3. Use Larger Pieces Of Furniture.

This one seems unlikely, but the difference it makes is huge. Literally. If you have lots of pieces of smaller furniture, it can make your space feel cluttered and even smaller than it already is. Using a few key pieces of larger furniture in your interior design scheme maximizes the space you have and provides less room for you to add more clutter. Think larger sections in a smaller living room. This gives more openness in the middle of the room and less dead spaces in the corners or between pieces of furniture.

4. Choose Pieces That Provide Functionality.

Let’s face it. The cluttering will eventually happen. You bring in the mail, new items from the store, a gift someone gave you, and you’re not sure what to do with it. For most people, it seems like every time they walk in their doors, they’re carrying something new into their place. These actions add up incredibly fast, so it’s important that when you’re choosing pieces for your small space, that you find ones that can serve a dual purpose.

This could be an ottoman that also serves as a blanket bin, entryway bench with storage or stylish bedroom shelves that hold everyday items such as purses and electronics. Getting the everyday clutter off the tables and floors and into an organized spot allows you to breathe easier and relax. Good interior design starts with a de-cluttering phase.

Maximizing your living space through interior design is the key to maintaining sanity when living in a small to medium size apartment. If you’re having difficulty finding inspiration for this sort of thing, head on over to Pinterest and search for small spaces design tips. You can spend hours getting ideas and find something that works for you.