Everything you need to know about Disposable Elf Bars in 2024


Elf Bars are available in various colorful designs; each reflects their unique taste, for instance, orange is typical for mango. These are distinguished by an abundance of diverse flavors and tastes – from sugary sweet to sour. Therefore, every person can select according to his/her preference. We will explain more about their taste, as well as the benefits and shortcomings.

Elf Bar what is it: when did they appear?


The popular reusable pod systems have appeared relatively recently, but have already gained fame due to their compactness. One of the major reasons behind the popularity of Elf Bar is that it doesn’t require any kind of maintenance. These device systems contain a pre-filled nicotine salt and E-liquid. They are very easy and convenient to carry anywhere because it is a smart heating system without any buttons. You can even purchase several disposable pod devices with a large variety of flavors.

The manufacturers offer a large variety of Elf Bars, such as the 800 and 1500 puff models; come with a flat mouthpiece, while others are spherical. Elf Bar’s tastes are rich and they open up well. It has a special technology that prevents the system from releasing nicotine and bitterness, as you exhale, you will only feel the pleasure of the pleasantness of the flavor.

Benefits of Elf Bar electronic cigarettes with other brands


Following are the advantages of using Elf Bar disposable device systems:

  • It is a good replacement for regular cigarettes. If you want to switch to electronic devices gradually, Elves will help you to switch in a comfortable way.
  • Unique evaporation system. It allows steam lovers to taste and feel its richness.
  • These are very easy to use and there are no keys on the vapes, so you don’t have to think about how to turn them on. It is enough just to drag on, and the vaping process will begin by itself.
  • It has a very lightweight and ergonomic design. The disposable device is easy to grip due to its simple design. It doesn’t take up much space in your bag or pocket, so you can take several vapes with you and carry them in your pocket or small purse.
  • Powerful battery by 550 mAh. This power is enough to evaporate all the liquid contained in an electronic cigarette, which is about 1000 pulls. Due to the fact that the device is disposable, it does not need to be charged.
  • The product can be filled with different flavors like banana, melon, mint, etc.

Disadvantages of disposable Elf Bar vaporizers

Despite the wide list of advantages, Elves have disadvantages. For example, 800-1500 puffs will be enough for an amateur, but not enough for an experienced vaper. Therefore, one will have to buy a new cigarette soon. In addition, fillers cannot be changed in disposable pod devices. It means you have to carry several vapes with you if you want to change the flavor. As you may have noticed, cigarettes have more advantages, but they are more injurious to health.

Overview of the entire range of Elf Bar disposable pod systems

Elf Bar pod systems are disposable; they are very easy to use. All you need to do is take it out of the box and enhance your vaping experience. You don’t have to worry about its charging or cartridge refilling, and a closed device from an official manufacturer will save your device from leaking, which is very convenient. Now let’s take a closer look at different models of disposable Elf Bars. So let’s take a look at the Elf Bar range, which you can buy in the JumpOnTheVape online store.

Elf Bar 800


In this device, we have two digital labels on the box. First (550) tells about the capacity of its battery, and second (800), which is also used in its name, indicates the approximate number of puffs. Elf bar 800 is suitable for those types of people who like to experiment and planning to buy several flavors.

It has a very reasonable price and a wide range of options – as many as 16 pieces. In this model, you will have different options to select. This device has a pre-filled 3.2 ml of liquid. It has a flat mouthpiece, and the content of nicotine salt ranges from 2 to 5%.

Elf Bar 1500


This device is very popular and it is suitable for experienced vapers who have already decided on their favorite flavor. These pods have a wide range of flavors. Nicotine is not used in these devices; it is mildly suppressed by the flavoring agent. The battery capacity of these pod systems is 850 mAh. It is also suitable for both smokers and experienced vapers. These devices have a large liquid capacity – 4.8 milliliters, and their charging indicator is at the bottom of the device.

Elf Bar 2200


An even more powerful model, its battery capacity is 1250 mAh. This pod device has other innovations as well. For example, a transparent 6 ml compartment controls the volume of the remaining liquid and it also calculates how much more you will have. It means you will not be surprised when there will be a lack of fluid. This device is decorated with bright colors, and its case is leakproof. The content of nicotine salt in this is also 5% higher.

Elf Bar Crystal 2250


This device system has increased battery capacity up to 1000 mAh, it also allows you to enjoy more number puffs as compared to the previous devices. Its dimensions have also become larger, but outwardly it looks as harmonious and stylish as before. Yes, the power of this mini-model is slightly less than that of its predecessor, but it doesn’t affect the duration of vaping. In addition, this device discharges slowly and it has an economical liquid consumption.

As you can see, Elf Bar comes with a wide range of different device systems, among which everyone can choose the one that is preferable for him. If you have any difficulties in the selection process, you can contact our consultants for help.