Dimension W Season 2 Release Date


Dimension W is a Japanese manga series, written by Yuji Iwahara and published in Square Enix’s Monthly Big Gangan Magazine. It’s being “printed” ever since 2011, but the anime television started in 2016 and aired from January of that year to the month of March of 2016.

The plot of this anime series is quite interesting as the series starts in the year of 2036 when it’s proven that a fourth-dimensional axis called Dimension W actually exists. Cross-dimensional electromagnetic induction devices, going by the name of Coils, were developed to draw an inexhaustible supply of energy that exists in dimension W.

New Tesla Energy and Governments built sixty giant towers around the world in the pattern of a truncated icosahedron to stabilize the energy from Dimension W and supply the power to the whole world. This system is nearing its tenth year of these kinds of operations. This story actually begins in the year 2072 when the fans can take a look at how this Dimension W is working.


So far, this anime has had only one season, and there is no confirmed information on whether or not its sequel will be released. Season two is pretty much up in the air and fans are looking for an answer on this one. This has been a good anime series, and there is no reason for this one not to continue. Japanese anime usually don’t end just after airing for one season, so the fans of this show are having high hopes for this Dimension W story to continue. Release date will probably be somewhere during the year of 2017, but there is no information on the actual date. Not much we can do here, just to sit and wait to see what the production crew will decide.