Digital Marketing and SEO Tips for Your Online Casino Startup


Online casino gaming is becoming more popular than ever before, leaving many to consider starting a business in this industry. There are several business options that you may want to consider in the world of online gambling including casino comparison sites, affiliate blogs, YouTube channels and more. However, digital marketing and advertising for an online casino site can be quite tricky. Search engines like Google will often require these companies to jump through a lot of hoops just to be in with a chance of getting listed. Because of this, paying close attention to search engine optimisation is key if you want to drive targeted and interest-based traffic to your casino-related site. Whether you’re running an online casino, affiliate site or something else related to this industry, here are some online marketing and SEO tips that you can’t afford to go without.

Clean Up On-Page SEO

Cleaning up the on-page SEO for your casino gaming site is an important part of the process. You can do this in two different parts. Firstly, ensure that your site’s code is easy for search engines to read, and that it provides search engines with all the necessary information needed to list your site. There are several free tools that you can use to achieve this including Moz tools that are designed to analyse your site, or you can have an expert SEO professional take a look over your site.

In addition to the code, it’s also important to consider the usability of your site and how it impacts SEO. For example, a site that is difficult to navigate or is not responsive on any device will often be penalised by Google for failing to be user-friendly which can make it harder to get your casino gaming business found in search. How customers behave on your website is one of the biggest factors that Google takes into account when ranking your site, so on-page SEO should often involve improving the site to encourage visitors to stick around for longer.

Create a Backlink Profile

Cleaning up your backlink profile is another crucial SEO step to take if you already have an existing online casino website. Every site that links to your website creates a backlink, and search engines check the number of backlinks that you have and where they come from to determine how popular your site is and where it should be ranked. While it can be easy to assume that a lot of backlinks is a good thing, this is not always the case. The quality of the websites that the backlinks are posted on is also taken into careful consideration, and backlinks that originate from sites that are spammy or irrelevant might end up doing more harm than good to your site.

To deal with this, you should start by getting a list of backlinks to your site using a tool like Majestic or AHREFS. Once you have a better idea of where any low-quality backlinks are from, you can contact the sites directly to request removal, or tell Google to ignore them using the disavow tool.

Building High-Quality Backlinks

Ideally, you will want your casino gaming site backlinks to come from high-quality, reputable and relevant sites like Online Casinos, where you can browse this list to learn more about the best online casinos in the UK. Online Casinos is trusted by many casino gamers to help them find the casinos with the best games, new player bonuses, security, and more. Rebuilding high-quality backlinks is an important part of the process of digital marketing for your casino gaming site. One of the best ways to do this is to work with a reputable SEO agency or professional who will have connections in the industry that they can use to improve your backlinks from high-quality websites that will carry a lot of weight and boost your reputation.

Getting in touch with casino comparison sites is an ideal option if you run an online casino or other gaming service. Other sites may want to offer affiliate programs or even request guest blogging spots on relevant gaming and casino blogs and websites where you will be able to leave a link to your website in your author bio. In addition to these options, appearing in the news or doing something that gets you mentioned on a highly popular and trusted website or blog in your niche can also be a great way to build high-quality and authentic backlinks to your online casino site.

Affiliate Marketing

Using affiliates and social media influencers can be an ideal option for digital marketing when it comes to online casino and gaming sites. These tend to be individuals online who have built up a large following and tend to be more trusted than most when it comes to the products, services and websites that they recommend to their followers. Having a well-known social media influencer recommend your brand can give it a massive boost. In addition, if you run an online casino, an affiliate marketing scheme that allows influencers and bloggers to earn a commission if somebody signs up to your casino using their link can be an ideal way to get more exposure online and increase sign-ups.

Social Media

Finally, it’s almost impossible to do digital marketing today without thinking about social media. You can use social media marketing to complement and boost the SEO efforts that you’ve made so far to market your online casino gaming site. Most players or site visitors are going to assume that your brand is active on social media and not being able to find a profile for it might put them off. So, be sure that you are active across all major social networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and post on a regular basis to engage with followers, improve your customer base and boost your reputation.

Whether you’re running an online casino or another type of site related to casinos and gaming, digital marketing is absolutely crucial to get ahead in today’s world.