All the differences between the Electronic Cigarette vs Normal Cigarette


Telling yourself day in and day out that ‘this is my last cigarette’, has become old; now you have just accepted the fact that smoking has become a norm for you, and it is very hard to quit this habit.

It can seem impossible, but it’s not that difficult if you choose the right means of stopping and don’t try quitting cold turkey. It all depends on your method of quitting. Some people can actually quit altogether, but most people reduce their cigarette consumptions to special events or choose an alternative to cigarettes like chewing gum or the use of e-cigarettes that are less harmful than normal cigarettes and make it easier to stop smoking for a long number of reasons.

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What are E-Cigarettes?

E-Cigarettes or Electronic cigarettes are known by many names in today’s world that vary from e-cigs and e-hookahs to vapes, vaporiser cigarettes and vape pens.

E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that emit low concentrations of tobacco or other cigarette inhaling products that are infused into a vaporizing solution that the device accommodates.

What this device does is, instead of producing actual tobacco smoke, it generates a sensation of inhalation that resembles the real one. According to their manufacturers, the real ambition of these cigarettes is to minimize normal smoking and reduce the massive amount of harm it’s causing to humans. This is because these e-cigs do not contain the same amount of tobacco, nicotine and other harmful substances which can ultimately stop the fatal effects of traditional cigarettes and even have a hand in putting a stop to smoking altogether.

How Do They Work?

The e-cigarettes have a complete mechanism that consists of different parts. These parts are:

  • Mouthpiece

Whatever shapes the e-cigarette comes in, the mouthpiece is attached at the end. It encompasses a plastic cup that accommodates an absorbent material that helps in inhaling the eliquid solution.

  • Atomiser

The eliquid inside the e-cigarette heats the solution and is powered by the battery.

  • Battery

The heating element within the atomiser is powered by the battery that is present in the e-cigarette. ● Solution

The eliquid solution in the e-cigarette consists of a mixture of flavouring, propylene glycol, and the basis of nicotine. This is the solution that people inhale that produces the sensation of actual smoking.

  • Sensor

When a person sucks on the mouthpiece, the sensor on the device automatically activates the heating mechanism present inside the atomiser.

The e-cigarettes’ mechanism automatically operates when a person sucks on the mouthpiece. This is sensed by the sensor, which kicks off the heating mechanism inside the atomiser. This atomiser is electrically powered by a battery. This way, the eliquid solution inside the e-cigarettes gets in the absorbent material present at the mouthpiece and gets “vaped” or inhaled by the person.

Comparing E-Cigarettes and Traditional Cigarettes

When we analyse the differences between e-cigarettes and cigarettes, we can see the major rise in the use of e-cigarettes nowadays. But can smokers quit with the help of e-cigarettes?

The answer would be, Yes, they can!

Due to the lesser amount of tobacco and nicotine used in the e-cigarettes, the smokers who switch from traditional smoking to e smoking give themselves a chance for lesser harm to enter their bodies.

By using e-cigs, they can manage the amount of nicotine. Gradually, if they continuously lessen the amount they put in their e cigarette, they can stop smoking altogether.

Safety of E-Cigarettes

Compared to tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are quite safe bu,t saying they are risk-free would be an overstatement. Even though they contain very few amounts of tobacco and nicotine, they can still be dangerous to your health and be addictive.

As for the two more harmful substances emitted by traditional cigarettes, which are tar and carbon monoxide, are nowhere to be found in mechanically operated cigarettes.

The addictive substance in cigarettes is nicotine which is still present in e-cigarettes, but as far as research goes, it is the least harmful substance than the other toxic chemicals used in tobacco smoke. Its quantity in the e-cigarettes also varies from being very high to none at all. Therefore, in order to get rid of your nicotine addiction, many nicotine replacement therapies help, people curb their addiction.

In the End…

Traditional smoking tends to keep you on the same dose of nicotine, tobacco and other dangerous substance. In contrast, e cigarettes give you hope and the opportunity to one day quit this habit and preserve your shortening life span. Turning to e-cigs is a great way to end your hopelessness with the idea of quitting and get to the part of actually quitting and becoming free.

If you are a heavy smoker who wants to quit this habit but has been unsuccessful in quitting smoking using other proven methods, switch towards the e-cigarettes. Follow the steps of effective smoke quitting by gradually reducing your nicotine intake.

Get your eliquid packets, or if you want the raw material for a d-i-y e-liquid to ensure smoke cessation! Thanks to these methods that we have listed in this article you can try to stop smoking traditional cigarettes.

If you succeed, there will be nothing but benefits, both for your health because, as we have already explained in detail, you will eliminate all the toxic substances contained in cigarettes, from tar to nicotine, that are caused by combustion. Your wallet will also benefit, as it is well known that switching to an electronic cigarette guarantees guaranteed savings.

Moreover, thanks to the liquids you can create yourself, you’ll be able to find the perfect mix you like best and vaping will be a pleasure.

Take this step!

It only takes a little bit of willpower and you will succeed. It is an important step for you and your loved ones to take.