Difference on Heavy Vapes and Light Vapes


Vaping has been in the news now for many years. The mixture of positive stories – it’s safer than smoking and the market is regulated and scare stories about illnesses caused by black market devices and substances has led to some confusion. Now an established market- and still fast growing – whether you are vaping oils or cannabis you need to be on top of the safety limits.

Now, of course, some of us enjoy weed more often than others. For some it’s a once-a-day habit that they enjoy to relax after work, but for others the intake may consist of something more than just a few draws per day. In this article we will be looking at heavy vaping and light vaping, and that which goes between. We’ll talk about safety and enjoyment, and how to set yourself a limit.

Let’s begin by defining what makes someone a heavy vaper.

Who is Considered a Heavy Vaper?


With established online vaping retailers such as Vape4ever now offering a wide variety of vaping devices, substances and accessories it is easy to ensure that you have easy access to quality goods that will enhance your vaping experience. But are you perhaps vaping too much?

Back when smoking tobacco was in vogue there were those who enjoyed the odd cigarette and those who were chain smokers – one after the other without hesitation. In between, there were smokers who simply smoked more than was in fact safe.

It was considered in the industry that anyone who smoked more than 20 a day was a ‘heavy smoker’. Those beneath that were ‘light smokers. However, this is a poor distinction as it remains a fact that many of those ‘heavy smokers’ went well beyond 20 a day, often into several packets.

The social smoker – someone who has one or two when out with friends – could be considered the real light smoker, and those who smoke throughout the day and perhaps get through 40 or more the heavy ones. In between those was the ‘normal’ smoker. So, how does this translate to vaping?

In fact, we could say things are very similar. There are people who vape only when they are out with a crowd, and those who vape regularly during the day. The CBD vaper is one who tends to a draw every now and then perhaps every hour of the day. The cannabis vaper, however, will know their limits better and vape up to the point where they have the hit they need. So, in many ways, vaping is not something that is often carried out in a ‘heavy’ manner, although it is possible to vape too much. Let’s talk about the health hazards of vaping.

What are the Dangers of Heavy Vaping?


Before we go on it’s important that – should you be vaping weed – you check the status of cannabis legality in your given state. Some have made it legal, others have decriminalized use and possession, but in others it remains illegal. We also advise that you buy from a trusted retailer rather than relying on underground dealers on the street. You might pay more, but you have guaranteed quality.

So, why all the fuss if we know that vaping – for both cannabis and tobacco, and also for CBD – inherently safer than smoking? We know that smoking produced carcinogens and other damaging by-products that vaping does not. Vaping is completely safe, yes?

In some ways yes – there is no burning so there is no chance of harmful tar in the lungs – but there is always a possibility of an individual having a reaction to anything that we ingest into the body. There have been studies that show too much vaping – in other words almost constant – can lead to heart problems in younger people. There are also contradictory studies that say otherwise. As we are not medically qualified to say, we leave it up to you – the individual – to decide whether you are in fact a heavy user and need to cut down. Let’s talk a little more about what you can do.

Who is Considered a Light Vaper?

For someone to be consider a ‘light vaper’ they need to fit one of the following categories:

  • Only vapes when out with friends.
  • Only takes two or three draws per day.
  • Only vapes at weekends.
  • Only at parties.

You get the idea: you’re not a heavy vaper if you do it because you want to rather than need to. Yet some people do have an addiction, just as happened with smoking. If you think you may be vaping too much the following are some suggestions as to how you can cut down and still enjoy whatever you appreciate when vaping.

Cutting Down on Vaping


If you want to cut down on your vaping – perhaps because you know you are doing it too much – that’s bad thing as too much of anything can spoil the enjoyment as well as increase the risk of illnesses. However, as with smoking, cutting down on vaping is not something you can do in an instant. It takes a lot of application and commitment, so here are some things you can do to begin with:

  • Don’t vape during the day if you can avoid it, and only out of office hours.
  • Buy less of the weed or oil you want to vape and make it last.
  • Don’t be tempted because others are vaping, only do so when you feel you need it.
  • Never vape in the house.

These are just a few rules you can put in place that should help you begin to vape less often and cut down. You don’t need to stop – we want you to enjoy your vaping to the full – but if you are vaping too much you may find that when you cut down you enjoy the experience more on the fewer occasions you indulge. Take a look at your vaping habits now and perhaps start reducing your daily intake.