Dez Bryant Will Remain with Dallas Cowboys, But Not As First Option


At this moment, we are not sure what will happen with Dez Bryant in the future. Ever since Dak Prescott took over the team as the leading quarterback, he and Bryant failed to establish a connection. Bryant has been the target 220 times in two seasons, and he managed to catch only 116 passes, which is just over 50%.

Dez is one of the most expensive players on the Cowboys roster and in 2018, he will carry a high salary-cap hit with $16.5 million. If Dallas decides to cut him, which is not going to happen, they would have to throw $8 million down the drain. If you are one of those people who believe that Dallas Cowboys will cut this guy, you are wrong because team’s wide receiver corps is too weak to get rid of Bryant especially now that Cole Beasley and Terrance Williams also underperformed. Although he is not playing as well as expected, Dez is still a valuable part of this squad.


This is exactly why Prescott needs to step up next year. Yes, we can put the blame on Prescott for some of his drops and incomplete passes, but Bryant is experienced wide receiver, and he managed to let the ball slip his hands on too many occasions. Their on-field relationship just doesn’t function at this moment. So, what can Dallas do to improve that?

Now that Elliott’s back, he will take some of the pressure on his back, allowing Prescott to throw more easily and Bryant to escape his coverage. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if Cowboys find a free agent wide receiver to patch things up. On the other hand, the chances of the team looking for one in the draft are slim. But that remains to be seen.

Either way, Dez Bryant will be with the Cowboys next year. Will he be number one option? Probably not. Will he remain with the team after 2018? What do you think?