Where Does Dez Bryant Rank Among NFL’s Best Wide Receivers?


Dez Bryant is one of the best players on the Dallas Cowboys squad. Thre were a lot of speculations about whether or not he should be traded. Dallas was winning without him while he was sitting on the sidelines and being paid a whole lot of money in the process.

He made a successful return and is proving to be one of the key players for the Dallas Cowboys. Dez is that wideout that every rookie quarterback wants and needs when he is looking for a way to be bailed out. Bryant is doing just that for the Cowboys and Prescott. He is that deep threat that they need if they want to make some noise in the postseason.


There is no doubt that he is one of the best receivers in the NFL. His numbers won’t pop out at you, but that is just because he hasn’t been healthy and at 100 percent. When he is, the plays that we see can be jaw-dropping and game changing.

It’s tough for us to put him in the Top 5 since we don’t have a full body of work like we do with Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, and others. He could easily be the Top 5 wideout next season or he can even make a few big statements in the final weeks of this campaign and especially in the postseason. He is the kind of a player that you can book to have big numbers in the Playoffs. But, as of right now, we need to put him just outside the Top 5 and into the Top 10.