Destiny 2 Release Date, Trailer and News


The long awaited trailer for Destiny 2 has finally arrived, and you can check it out below. It looks like the Tower has fallen, while Earth’s Last City has been ravaged by war.

As we have already known, Destiny 2 will be coming this year, but its developer Bungie confirmed it only recently on their Twitter account.

As far as some other details are concerned, they have been revealed in a post on the blog. Namely, what seems to be the most important announcement is that the Destiny character skills, currency, possessions, and Everyverse-related items won’t be available in the sequel. Only character’s physical build will be possible to retain. Moreover, only the ones who completed the Black Garden story missions and reached Level 20 will have the opportunity to transfer their character’s physical features.

The Destiny development team also pointed out they planned to award the veteran accounts since they had recognized the dedication. Thy also mentioned it would be the best game they could create, so it must be beyond great.

As we could imagine, there are numerous rumors regarding the sequel. Some of those suggest that Destiny 2 will be available on PC. Since the first game was exclusive to consoles, it might be a great experience for PC gamers.

Moreover, Kotaku reports that Bungie will make the future title a completely new experience. It seems that the company wants this game to be a proper sequel, even if that implies excluding old characters, activities, etc.

Some say that the jump between the original and the sequel is much like the transition between Diablo and Diablo 2, which also took the same gameplay as the first game, but left the content and characters behind.

There also seems to exist a new activity mode in the sequel called “play-in destinations.” It will populate planets even more with towns, quests, and outposts which will be way more intriguing than the current Patrol missions.