Denver Broncos Are Not The Team We Thought They Are


It’s pretty clear that the Denver Broncos are not the same team that they were at the beginning of the season. Their defense has dropped off, some due to injuries, but also because of their poor performance. Their offense was good at first, but without the running back, they will have some struggles as the rivals will put more efforts on preventing pass game.

It’s hard to imagine Oakland putting up 30 points on this defense back in September. They looked vicious, dangerous and really hard to beat. Now, the teams can almost rejoice when they see the Denver Broncos on their schedule. They know they aren’t the squad that they used to be and opponents are going full throttle on them.

Raiders were fearless last night. They ended up with 30 points on the board, but it could have been much more as they missed some golden opportunities to score in the first quarter. Oakland had to settle for a field goal, and that is the main reason why we are not talking about this game as a blowout.

Denver Broncos need to snap out of it. They are in a mini-struggle, and it can easily cost them the division. Raiders have already overtaken them, Chiefs are right behind them, ready to strike and make a run at the postseason. Siemian has been decent, but without CJ Anderson he is going to be asked to do more.

It’s going to be interesting to see whether or not this Denver defense can get back to winning football games while performing at a high level. We sure know that they need that and they need it badly.