DeMarcus Cousins To Pelicans Is Beautiful For Him And His New Team


DeMarcus Cousins spent six and a half years with the Sacramento Kings. Even though he had a lot of individual success, this Kings team really didn’t make any noise in the Western Conference. This guy has been good for the squad and this franchise, but they overlooked his production on the court because of his antics on and off the court. Still, he is a franchise talent, and they were foolish to trade him away from almost nothing.

Pelicans are the big winners here. Even though DeMarcus’ deal is expiring next summer, Pelicans will be the team that can offer him a valuable contract. He is already losing some money since he won’t be given the deal by the team that has drafted him, but he will be eligible for a lot of dollars from the New Orleans Pelicans. He is losing around 30 millions because of this, so if he leaves the Pels, he will be giving up more money.

This is why the Pelicans are confident that they will be able to sign him. If he leaves, which he likely won’t, this squad really doesn’t have a lot to lose here as they didn’t give up much in the first place.

They didn’t send a single guy that is going to be a legit starter or at least won’t likely be a legit starter and an asset that you can build around. The pick that the Kings got won’t be a great one and they got only one, which is simply not enough for a guy that is one of the biggest talents in the NBA.

And the most important thing of all is the fact that Pelicans are trying to convince Davis that New Orleans is the place where he should spend his career. They could make a significant improvement and important boost for their chances to make some noise.