Is DeMarco Murray Taking A Shot At Dallas Offensive Line?


When we talk about the Dallas Cowboys and their game plan, we know that they want to run the ball, take that time off the clock and keep their defense on the sidelines as much as possible. The D hasn’t been great in Big D for a while now, so it is understandable why the ‘Boys want to keep them off the field.

What enables them to do that is that offensive line that is widely regarded as the best in the NFL. Jerry Jones and that front office have invested a lot of first round picks into their O-line, and it is paying off as they are able to lead the league in rushing almost every single year. Ezekiel Elliot was great last season, but a part of his success was running behind those guys that are doing a great job at making giant holes for him.

In 2014, DeMarco Murray had an MVP-caliber year as a member of the Dallas Cowboys. The same guys that have been blocking for Zeke did the same thing for Murray three years ago. Recently, Murray has made some comments that might be considered as a shot at the Dallas Cowboys and their offensive line. As you know, he is a member of the Titans now and here is what he had to say about his o-line: “I would put our o-line against anyone.”

The fact of the matter is that he had a good year for the Titans as he bounced back from a terrible 2015 campaign with the Philadelphia Eagles. He was productive for the Titans and gave them a huge boost last year in which Tennessee made some improvements. But, it is still funny that he wanted to address his o-line when he knows that Cowboys have a great one as well, probably the best in the league. That is not just our opinion, it is a general belief that their guys block the best in the league.