Dean Ambrose’s IC Title Run Was Disappointing


When we mention The Miz nowadays, we are always going to have the IC title in the back of our minds. He has been a great Intercontinental Champion as his promos just made that title feel important. There is no doubt that his career became alive yet again after winning that belt the night after Wrestlemania 32. The run that he had on Smackdown Live was pretty good.

Dean Ambrose was the one who replaced him as the Intercontinental Champion, and many people are still wondering why. The company should have kept it on The Miz all this time. If not him, they had a chance to give the belt to Baron Corbin at Wrestlemania 33, but they decided not to.


Ambrose made a move to Monday Night Raw where his character continued being stale. He was just a comedy babyface that didn’t resemble that Lunatic Fringe persona at all. As the weeks went by, he was just doing some comedy stuff, and that degraded his character to a point where he just became boring and hard to watch. This is not just our opinion as many people have called for him to lose the belt. One of the people that didn’t like his run is Cory Graves.

“No offense to Dean Ambrose, but I don’t really know anything memorable that Dean accomplished while as Intercontinental Champion other than losing to Miz. I’m being honest. I’d say it to his face.”


That is a God’s honest truth. We are not blaming Dean Ambrose, the performer, but the writers that had him involved in all kinds of bad storylines. They failed to make him interesting, and now he is the one to pay the price.