There was a lot of great things about Deadpool movie, so much that is hard to single out one. It was biggest IMAX 2D global opening, biggest 20th Century Fox debut ever, it had a biggest R-rated opening weekend, biggest R-Rated three-day opening, and biggest February opening weekend. Furthermore, it was the biggest R-Rated Thursday, biggest President’s day opening, biggest R-rated Monday and its biggest R-rated comic book superhero movie of all time. In addition to all of this, Deadpool managed to become a huge blockbuster with estimated earnings being around $782 million worldwide. It broke numerous box-office records (some of them already mentioned), became the seventh highest-grossing film of 2016 and did just enough to secure a sequel.

This time around we are going to talk about its amazing marketing campaign. It was so carefully and precisely conducted that it managed to show the funny side of the movie that was R rated. If you look at materials like videos, posters, clips and trailers you will notice that they are still being watched, talked about and being extremely popular to this day despite the fact that movie debuted in February.


If you are one, of the very few people, that has failed to notice Deadpool’s presence in a worldwide marketing scheme that was carried out, you don’t have to worry. Deadpool was thinking about you. After the nomination for Clio Key Art Award for Best Integrated Marketing, Ryan Reynolds pulled on his character suit and walked us all through the entire above-mentioned campaign.

This short 5-minute video won’t be getting any awards. It was made for fun and to glorify already acknowledged marketing campaign. Proof that marketing is very important is the fact that Deadpool is the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time.

In the video posted below you can see Deadpool’s explanation to why his movie was so successful:


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