Deadpool’s Future Movies – What Did We Learn?


Deadpool quickly became the most lovable hero and the most popular X-Men character, and because of that, we expect to see a lot of movies about this guy in the future. It is hard to say what exactly we are going to see since those projects are in the early stages of development but there are some details about the new films. Here what we learned about Deadpool 2 and some other possible Deadpool appearances.

1. Tiny amount of Future Planning

Deadpool was a comic book based movie that was filmed in a slightly unconventional manner, and it stands out in the genre. While other franchise projects are usually being developed in a way that you think thoroughly about the next few steps, Deadpool just went step by step, but that will not affect Deadpool 2.

The writer, Rhett Reese said: “We’re trying not to think too much about it because you can really…It’s a trap in these movies to use the current movie to set up the next movie, as opposed to making the current movie. I know that I buck against it. I feel like, ‘Oh, here we go — it’s just setting up something that doesn’t even matter for this movie. It only matters for the next movie.’ So we are keeping in mind that there will be the next movie; we’re trying to set up the characters that will be in that next movie. But that’s not our first goal.”


The characters we will see in the next iteration of the popular movie are Domino and Cable, who will be an integral part of the film. Reese went on: “Our first goal is to tell a Deadpool story in an emotional, fun, satisfying way. And then the fact that we’re setting up something in the future — it’s happening, but you’re not gonna see that mustache-twirling villain, who is going ‘Hahaha, [it’s all coming into place].’ You’re just not going to see that because that’s not our game.”

It will be tricky to put strong characters such as Domino and Cable in Deadpool 2 and incorporate them into the narrative which is also filled with roles people loved in the first movie.

2. Old Vs. New Characters

Ryan Reynolds is, of course, the number one character and he will get the same spotlight as in the first iteration, but what made Deadpool successful are the side characters. Some of them that really made a connection with the audience are Weasel, Colossus, Vanessa, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Blind Al. Perhaps adding Cable and Domino may be too much, but the writer, Paul Wernick, said that the focus should be on the star

He stated: “I think first and foremost it’s a Deadpool movie, and then we just have to build. His supporting cast is some of the characters we fell in love with in the first one, introducing new characters into that world. Deadpool is a character piece, Deadpool is the leader of this very dysfunctional family. There are new people coming into that family, and there are old people that you’ve fallen in love with — with the conflict between Deadpool and, for example, Colossus and NTW. So yeah, it’s a delicate balance, but primarily keeping a Deadpool movie.”


In Deadpool, Wade Wilson appears in almost every scene, and it is important that the focus stays on the main character. Watching him interact with other characters and focusing on him is the right way to go – it was successful the first time, so why it wouldn’t be successful now?

3. X-Force and Deadpool 3 will be Completely Different

Since Deadpool is a kind of character who doesn’t save the world and it usually demands small scale stories, Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick and Ryan Reynolds will keep the Deadpool movies alive. However, he will have different tasks when he suits up for X-Force, but at the same time, the crew will be working on Deadpool 3 as a contrast.

Reese explained: “It’s working in an expansive way towards X-Force, which will really be more of an ensemble. But then that will allow us to do both an X-Force movie and a Deadpool 3, which actually contracts back down… So I think we’ll be able to take two paths. One is where we’re launching something bigger, but then another where we’re contracting and staying personal and small. So I think best of all worlds, really.”

Both Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick want to see a problematic character such as Deadpool trying to save the world, but they know that it is important not to go far from what we have already seen in the first installment. We have perhaps gone too far considering that we still don’t know the release date of Deadpool 2, so stay tuned for that information.