Deadpool X-Force Suit


Although Deadpool has received awesome reviews from both critics and the audience, the arrival of its sequel is all but serene, which is leaving the viewers on pins and needles. However, ever since the announcement about the third installment of Deadpool being settled was given, everyone has been giving a sigh of relief.

Wade Wilson provided the fans with a sneak peak at the end of the original movie and revealed some information regarding the sequel. Namely, to the delight of many, Cable will be a part of the next project. Cable’s role has aroused hostility between Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller, as their views of the next Deadpool installment were marching to the beat of a different drummer. Consequently, this resulted in Tim Miller’s departure from the movie’s sequel.

These issues have delayed the casting of Cable, but as the film premiere is not expected for another two years, there is still enough time for 20th Century Fox to carefully and wisely opt for the best choice. As the viewers are not able to get a preview of Cable, BossLogic has decided to give an insight into Reynolds appearance in an X-Force suit. The poster on which Deadpool is taking a selfie is revealing much about the on-goings and the theme of the upcoming Deadpool 2, so the fans have plenty of time to speculate on the topic. What is known for sure is that Deadpool will keep his distinctive appearance so prepared to hear more great lines from our favorite superhero.

Release Date

The release date of the long-awaited sequel is reserved for March 2, 2018. It is far, yes we know it. We suggest you yo watch the first one again so you would remember pretty much all those hilarious lines.