Deadpool – Ryan Reynolds: The Best Line Cut


Deadpool is likely to receive a crown as one of the best comedies in recent past. Namely, it is said to keep the audience laughing throughout the whole movie, which is quite rare in the industry of today. Credits for this go to Ryan Reynolds, who has insanely hilarious chops, and it is said that one of his favorite cut lines is the one with Leslie Uggams’ Blind Al. Namely, he recently said the line is a bit stolen, so he can’t take all the credit for it, but it’s still very funny.

According to his recent interview with EW, Reynolds said that Blind Al set Wade Wilson up for one of the best lines in Deadpool, but they didn’t get it on the big screen, unfortunately. Namely, since Reynolds used to have 10-15 lines ready for every scene of the improve-heavy film, it eventually ended up thrown out. Presumably, a completely separate movie out of Deadpool’s deleted scenes could be made.

Nonetheless, we can feel anything but grief for that one line which wasn’t filmed because Deadpool from the beginning to its end has made us laugh our heads off. Namely, it is one of the funniest superhero movies ever filmed, and what makes it this good are definitely the scenes between Wade Wilson and Blind Al. We have some of their best scenes below separated for you to check out.

Reynolds certainly isn’t the only one who carries the entire film on his shoulders, and he often makes sure everyone knows that by praising his co-stars. It is clear he’s the star of the movie, but he often says amazing things about Leslie Uggams’ performance, as well as T. J. Miller’s as Weasel, stating that he improvises exceptionally. If he is praised by Ryan Reynolds for improvising, then he sure must be great at it.

Although we would’ve liked to have seen this line on the big screen, Deadpool was a real success without it. We’re definitely looking forward to Deadpool 2 release date, which is set for 2018.