Deadpool movies will impact future X-men films!


Although at first, not many people were taking it seriously, the fan’s desire for Deadpool to be nominated for this year’s Oscar started to thrive, and as a result, there were high expectations of this actually happening. Unfortunately, Oscar nominations bypassed Deadpool. Nonetheless, even though it did not receive this magnificent recognition, 20th Century Fox can be absolutely happy and pleased with all the success the movie has had in the last year. As if it did not accomplish enough, this film will apparently have a huge impact on future X-Men films, according to some news and speculations.

While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Deadpool’s co-writers did confirm that this movie was the trigger that will also take the other future films into some other direction. They will have larger freedom in playing with continuity and diversity. The basic idea is that these titles will not be connected by their story but by their tone:

“the hope is Deadpool 2, and X-Force, and future movies all be this new, consistent, sillier tone…More self-aware tone, and edgier, and Rated-R tone.”

What comes as uncertainty is whether all the movies will be adopting this new vision. Perhaps it is a good way for them to develop. As we have all witnessed, the first Deadpool film achieved a tremendous success which means that the audience enjoyed the tone mentioned above. This tone could also bring a new sense of humor to the movies, which can’t do any harm for sure. Not sticking to the rules could be fine refreshment for everyone. We are eagerly awaiting to see what changes this will have on future releases from the studio.