Deadpool 2 – Tim Miller Drops Out, What’s the next Step?


Tim Miller, the director of the movie Deadpool, will not take part in the sequel, due to creative differences. This is certainly a problem, but the people working on Deadpool 2 will have to find a proper replacement. Miller was a significant part of the team, there is no question about it, and he was one of the reasons why the first movie was so popular. However, there is no reason to panic, since Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and Ryan Reynolds will continue to do what they have done so far and try to find a solution.

Tim Miller agreed to be the director of the movie in April 2011 and he and the other members created a great post-modern movie and the first part is just a beginning. The script for the movie was finished in 2010 and it is one of the reasons why the movie is astronomically popular.

The originality of the script was crucial to the making of Deadpool. If it wasn’t for it Deadpool wouldn’t receive a $58 million budget. However, this budget is smaller than the budget of many superhero blockbusters, which sometimes gets up to $150 million to amaze the audience. Be that as it may, Deadpool is original, funny and different than other superhero films, and these are the reasons why it is so popular. Paul Wernick, Rhett Reese, and Ryan Reynolds were responsible for this success and this is why Tim Miller’s absence won’t be a huge problem.

Note that Tim Miller did definitely contribute to the first movie, and without him, the movie may have had totally different charm. He was one of the main guys who managed to control the spending, considering that he got used to working in small production (He is the founder of Blur Studio). Because of him, we have quality visuals in the film and he was the one to convince 20th Century Fox to approve the project. However, due to the popularity of the first movie, the sequel will receive enough money to create an outstanding film.

Whoever comes instead of Miller will have large shoes to fill. The fans don’t need to be worried because every other team member will give his best for the production of Deadpool 2. To Tim Miller, we can only say:“Thanks”.