Deadpool 2: Ryan Reynolds Says They Are Still Not Ready


Tim Miller’s “Deadpool” was well-received by audience and critics and it was eventually nominated for Golden Globe Award. The film was so good with the level of success that forced the production team soon decided to work on the sequel. “Deadpool 2” is still in development and, according to Ryan Reynolds, who is the producer of the film, but also takes on the lead role, the casting has not been completed. MTV News reports that Reynolds “is still looking for the right guy to play Cable.”

At first, it was not known for sure whether Cable would be featured in “Deadpool 2” or not. Now that it has been confirmed that this character will appear in the upcoming film, it remains to be seen who will play his role. “We’re still working on it. We’re not going to start until we’re ready,” Reynolds said a few days ago on the Golden Globes red carpet when MTV’s Josh Horowitz asked him about Cable’s appearance in Deadpool sequel.

“Deadpool 2” went through a rough time when its original director Tim Miller decided to step back. The main reason for his departure, as he later explained, were “creative differences” between Ryan Reynolds and himself. When Miller left, his place was empty for some time, so the development of the sequel was almost stopped. However, David Leitch, known for John Wick movies, eventually accepted to take over control, so he is now at the helm of this project. Reynolds seems to be satisfied with the current status, as he claims: “Everything feels great. Everybody is seamlessly locked in to the situation. It’s been really amazing.”

Finally, the famous actor said that the news about Deadpool’s appearance in “Logan” is only a rumor. The truth is he would love to see a Wolverine-Deadpool movie, but he prefers to leave that decision to Hugh Jackman. He said: “That’s going to be a decision Hugh is going to have to make down the line. But Logan, from the stuff I’ve seen in that film, it’s a pretty special film. I’m really excited for him.”