Deadpool 2 rumors – Brad Pitt considered to play Cable!


Well, I bet that all Deadpool fans out there will be surprised by this rumor that emerged just recently. Apparently the casting for Cable – beefy time-hopping mutant – has taken a turn for, well, surprising at best. As we managed to find out, it seems that Brad Pitt could be in the running for the role of Cable.

All of this conundrum regarding this started when the editor-in-chief of Tracking Board, Jeff Sneider, tweeted an article from his site just before adding this comment “Will be interesting to see if Brad Pitt plays Cable. In meantime, sounds like Sony is working on a Spider-Man sequel.” This of course by itself shouldn’t be held as a sure thing because it is still a tweet over let’s say a full article on the topic, but fans everywhere, as well as the internet, is buzzing thanks to Sneider’s well-known connection with the industry.


Before this, and as far as we know, Brad Pitt has not been tied to Deadpool casting at all, and the latest known info was that David Harbour from Stranger Things was being considered for the said role but 20th Century Fox is keeping all of this hush-hush. Do not get us wrong we have nothing against Brad, and we believe that this is the case with rest of the Deadpool fans, it is just that this is a slightly unexpected situation. Although Brad has a lot of experience with budget films, such were Inglorious Basterds and Fight Club, he does not (at least so far) have any superhero titles attached to his name. Maybe with Deadpool that actually changes?!

We think that the role of Cable will be disclosed very soon, and we will all be relieved from that what-if questions. If you are wondering how do we know that it will be unveiled very soon? Well, the fact is that both of Deadpool 2 writers recently confirmed to ComicBook that the announcement is just around the corner. Rhett Reese stated “It’s a short, short list,” and Paul Wernick added on top of that “An announcement will be coming very soon. We’re gonna go into production in the next couple of months and cast announcements will be coming fast and furious.”