Deadpool 2 – New Director’s Approach


As it usually goes, the majority of movie sequels are created to outdo the previous part in terms of size and wow effect. However, this is not the case with Deadpool 2, since the crew would like to keep the same level like in the first part.

Some behind-the-scenes changes occurred due to this, and the sequel will be directed by David Leitch instead of Tim Miller as he decided to leave because of creative differences. This could have caused a disaster, but screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese are certain Leitch will do his job perfectly.

Reese and Wernick gave a statement for IGN about Leitch and some differences between working with him and working with former director Miller. They were also asked whether they feared that Leitch wouldn’t live to their expectations and whether the formula of the movie might change too drastically. Reese said it was a light transition and that fans are expected to be highly satisfied with what’s around the corner for the sequel’s release.


They stated that David had his point of view is different from Tim’s, but that he wouldn’t change the tone and the style of the existing one. He will just use an altered approach and encourage them to try out new things a bit deviating from the first Deadpool. Nonetheless, this won’t be done drastically, just slightly different. Both claimed they adored Tim Miller as they loved Dave and that there weren’t any bad blood between them.

In case you were worried whether Tim Miller’s departure meant a big change for the sequel, you can be calm now. Team Deadpool will work on keeping the same level of action and humor which attracted a great number of fans in the first film. Furthermore, you can learn about Leitch’s style in the teaser scene shown before Logan.

All being said, it is likely that Deadpool 2 will be another great R-rated hit for Fox which all of us are looking forward to watching.