Deadpool 2 – Interesting Poster by a Fan


We have come across an unofficial poster on Reddit posted by Redditor Zeskywalker. The poster is of the upcoming Deadpool 2, and in it, we can see a litany of Ryan Reynolds references in the connection to Reynolds’s Buried (2010). The mask which the actor who portrays the fourth wall-breaking character Deadpool is wearing is the reason of the premise of the poster to recreate Reynold’s role as a man who is buried alive. What is different this time is that he manages to bring a lot of mementos with him.

The Merc with the Mouth is also buried underground in a wooden casket, while the one standing definitely aboveground is Cable. He was mentioned in the Deadpool post-credits scene, where they informed us he would be in the sequel. He certainly looks like Captain Falcon with a large pulse rifle. You can check out the poster below.

In case you are wondering what the object just above the casket might be, it is the Green Lantern (2011) DVD. The main character in the movie is played, of course, by Reynolds. Deadpool is lying on a Hello Kitty pillow and watching something on a cell phone, which we cannot see. On his casket, there are numerous photos of his fiancée, Vanesa and his everlasting love, Hugh Jackman, or possibly Wolverine, since one simply cannot be sure about that.

Next to him is a tablet displaying what looks like Jim Carrey from the 1996 movie Cable Guy. Deadpool also enjoys fountain soda. Finally, there is the decaying skeleton of the unicorn he used to love very much, which is buried below him.

When it comes to the release date of Deadpool 2, nothing official has been said yet, but what we know for sure is that there will be plenty of new characters. It will be directed by the same man who was at the helm of John Wick, David Leitch.