Deadpool 2 Begins Shooting


Deadpool 2 has just begun shooting, and we cannot put our excitement into words. First of all, we’ve got a first glimpse of the new movie but this time Deadpool is crashing a children’s birthday party which doesn’t really make sense, but it is Wade Wilson we are talking about so, yeah, it makes a lot of sense not to make sense.

Perhaps Domino and Cable will turn up at the party as well? Speaking of Cable, he will be played by Josh Brolin, who is also going to star as Thanos. Also, a possible Hugh Jackman cameo may be a part of the new film even though Hugh is finished playing Wolverine.

On the other hand, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has officially confirmed that Miles Morales will be in the MCU. With him in the mix, the MCU now has two legacy heroes one of which is Scott Lang’s daughter Cassie who grows up to be Stature. In the future, we are going to see MCU paving the way for its heroes and perhaps even assembling the squad for the Young Avengers movie.

Anyway, let’s get back to Deadpool 2, shall we? Actor, Ryan Reynolds, who will, of course, be the main guy from the movie title posted a photo on Instagram that the sequel has kicked off. The first day of filming was June 26, and Reynolds himself added that “it feels good to be back.”

Not only did the original Deadpool live up to its expectations, but it exceeded it. The fans all around the world who had already been familiar with the character of Wade Wilson loved the movie, whereas he gained a lot of fans who don’t read comic books. The first one set the bar high, but can Deadpool 2 be better?