Dead Rising 4 – Release Date; Christmas-Themed Game


Fans of the ‘Dead Rising’ series must be anxious for its 8th installment ‘Dead Rising 4’ to come out since it’s going to be in just a few days. It is coming out on December 6, 2016, and it features the comeback of a well-known character – Frank West, who was the main figure of the first game and ‘Dead Rising 2: Off the Record’.

Official release date of Capcom Vancouver’s ‘Dead Rising 4’ was announced at Microsoft’s E3 in June this year. Its trailer showed Frank West coming back to Willamette and set the game in Christmas period. The pause between the two games was sixteen years, and after this period has finished, due to a new outbreak the recently built Willamette Memorial Megaplex Mall got flooded with zombies. Frank West, a retired journalist, is supposed to investigate this peculiar outbreak.

The new feature of ‘Dead Rising 4’ that will definitely make gamers pleased is the possibility of leaving the mall. The main character will now be able to travel outside the mall and see the great big world, which wasn’t the case in ‘Dead Rising 3’. Namely, the game starts in a safe house where weapons are taken, and if the player wants to survive, he must come back to the safe house by the end of the day. Another novelty is that there is no time limit anymore, and some combo weapons have been added.

According to Xbox, a new breed of zombies will be introduced in the eighth installment of the title, and that is a very dangerous and ferocious one. Another species one definitely wouldn’t like to meet on their way are the Evos who appear suddenly and unexpectedly, jumping from above and who tend to howl to alarm zombies in the surroundings.

Dead Rising 4 Release Date

As we have already said, Capcom Vancouver’s ‘Dead Rising 4’ will come out this month exclusively for Xbox One and Windows 10, but Microsoft has said to Gamespot that this horror-adventure game is time-exclusive and that it could reach PS4 and Stream.