8 Ways to De-Stress and Relax After a Stressful Day At Work


Some days can be truly exhausting and stressful. Running around to finish everything, being pressured to do everything on time while the only thing you can think about is sleeping. We’ve all had days when we simply couldn’t focus and when working seemed like the worst kind of torture. Well, even though it happens, luckily it does not happen often. However, when you do have a stressful day, it is important to unwind after work and fully relax before going to sleep. Here are some of the best ways to do it.

1. Exercise


Exercising is known for having numerous health benefits. When you engage in any time of exercise, you will notice that your tension is melting away and that you are starting to feel better. You don’t have to exercise for hours. Even if you go for a walk around your neighborhood or the park nearby, you will notice that you are starting to feel better. You can also do Yoga or Pilates since they are known for having great benefits for the mind and the body equally. Breathing exercises will help you restore balance and release all the stress that piled up during the day.

2. Take a bubble bath


When you are stressed out, having a bubble bath will relax you completely. Fill your bathtub with warm water, add a little bit of foaming bath, place a few candles around the tub and listen to some relaxing music or watch your favorite TV show. Make sure that the water isn’t too hot because that could dry out your skin. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and breathing it in will surely be beneficial for you on many levels. You can also try out bath bombs since they are made with the intention of making the process of bath preparation much easier.

3. Enjoy a foot massage


Our feet are the most sensitive part of our body. We spend a whole day in shoes and take many steps until we finally come home. They deserve our special attention for sure. If you don’t want to do the massage yourself, check out a food massager here 10boars. This way you will just need to sit and enjoy the massage. It will help you release all the tension. Don’t forget to put some cream on your feet when you are done, to moisturize them.

4. Draw or paint


Focusing on some creative activities such as drawing or painting is very beneficial. Prepare some sketchbook, colored pencils or brushes, drawing paper and anything else you like, so you can start creating the work of art. Don’t worry if you don’t feel skilled enough, the point is that you do something that makes you feel good and help you forget about all the stressful events that you deal with day after day. You will surely be proud when you are done.

5. Watch a movie


While some people prefer watching thrillers or drama, we recommend watching comedies or funny videos. Watching some tense movies can make your mood even worse than it was before. Instead, focus on the relaxing, light topics that will take your mind off everything. Choose some good movie that will make you laugh and help you forget about everything else. Prepare some snacks and a glass of wine and simply snuggle on the couch, take a cozy blanked and press play. By the end of the movie, you will feel fresh and energized.

6. Cook a dinner


Preparing meals at home is a truly comforting and enjoyable experience. Cook something that you really love to eat, but you don’t get a chance often. Prepare all the ingredients and start cooking. You can either enjoy the music or let the silence melt away your tension, whichever works best for you. Open the windows and let the fresh air come into your home. Enjoy the smell of the home-cooked meal and give yourself time to enjoy every bite of it later. When we are tense, we tend to skip meals, but actually, we should do the opposite – eat high-quality meals that will nourish our body and help us deal with a stressful time in our life.

7. Go out with friends


Sometimes going out with friends for a drink can be a truly healing experience. Our friends know us better than anyone else, so seeing a friendly face can help us cope with the things that bother us. Talking to the people we love helps us feel supported, valued and appreciated. Enjoy each other’s time, talk about the things that bother you, go for a walk, to a concert, a movie or do anything else that makes you feel happy. Friends keep us grounded, cheer us up and are always there to give a helping hand.

8. Go offline

The 21st century is all about being connected, online all the time. Receiving emails, notifications and being constantly available can truly impact our psyche. It is necessary to turn everything off and be out of reach. Learn to disconnect from time to time, so you can rejuvenate and fully relax. Just make sure it is not on the days when you are expecting some important calls. The weekends are the best time to give yourself the chance to enjoy anything else but the Internet and social media.

Find an activity that helps you forget about work. In order to have a balance in life, we need to have a hobby, find time for family and friends, but also spend some time alone when necessary. It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed from time to time, but it is necessary to find a good coping mechanism that can help you restore the balance when you feel it’s lost. Do the things you love and let yourself release all the pressure, so you can go back to work fresh and ready to commit to new endeavors!