David Otunga’s Replacement Revealed


While a lot of superstars did switch brands and are now on their new shows, the Superstar shakeup also meant that we are going to have some announcers changes and this was done to spice things up. WWE confirmed that Byron Saxton is going to be a new member of the Monday Night Raw while David Otunga is going to Smackdown Live.

Saxton already made his debut on the blue brand this past Tuesday night, but it seems that David Otunga’s debut on the red brand will be delayed as he is going to be out for six weeks in order to film a new movie. This doesn’t mean that Monday Night Raw will have only two announcers in the commentating booth as they have stated who is going to replace Otunga while he is missing.

Potential replacements for Otunga were Jerry “The King” Lawler and Booker T. Out of those two, the job belongs now to WWE Hall of Fame and former World Champion Booker T. He has been a part of Smackdown before the brand split happened, but then got replaced and moved over to the preshow panel.

Now, Booker will be back on TV as he is going to have six weeks to prove why he should be the one in the commentating booth instead of David Otunga. Many people already feel that Otunga really has no charisma whatsoever and that he basically doesn’t add anything to the product when he is calling the action. There is no doubt that Byron Saxton is the better guy for the job.