Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?” a.k.a. Danmachi was first released in 2015 and now the release date of the second season of the anime TV series is finally coming closer. Even though you must be happy to hear that, you might also be slightly disappointed when you hear the following – the upcoming season will not be delivered as a sequel to the previous one, but as a side story prequel instead. It is directed by Yohei Suzuki and written by Hideki Shirane, while Shigeki Kimoto designs the anime characters.

If you are a fan of Danmachi manga series, you probably expect Bell and Hestia to be the focus of attention in the new entry, but that won’t be the case. Season 2 will revolve around Bell’s girlfriend Aiz Wallenstein and the Loki Familia. It will shed some light on Aiz’s past and her relationships with other people, especially with Bell, whom she treats like a rabbit.

As for the Loki Familia, at some point, they realize that the dungeon is not that safe and that, thus, their lives might be threatened. This prompts them to start looking for another entrance to the dungeon.

In addition to the characters mentioned above, the second season will also be somewhat focused on further development of some other characters, such as the Kali Familia.

Danmachi Season 2 Release Date

After the great success of the first season, some speculated that Danmachi Season 2 would be delivered right away in 2016. However, others thought that such ambitious plan would be difficult to carry out and that it would take some time and they were right. The upcoming season is scheduled to be released in April 2017 in Japan. When it comes to the official U.S. air date, it has not been announced yet. But, you should not forget that Sword Oratoria Volume 8 is also coming out soon, on April 15.


  1. Well why the s2 not come out yet I’m wait like forever please make it fast I’m really despired to see the how the thing goes

  2. I am rly disappointed cuz i wanted to see bell and xestia and not aiz cuz she isnt very important …… i hope they will remake it to OVA series and make a sea. 2 like sea. 1. I mean the main character is Bell not Aiz so its kinda stupid….

  3. I would have rather seen pretty much any other character than Aiz’s perspective in a story. Hestia’s past would have been more interesting, or Lili’s, Welf’s, and heck, even Eina’s. My point is that Aiz is a boring character to watch because she lacks personality. It would be like making Kanade the MC of Angel Beats.

  4. “Very disappointing” … I don’t think so. Sure, it’s disappointing that it’s the Loki Familia perspective of what’s already occurred, comparative to a continuation… But “very”, no, because this practically guarantees a 3rd season in which we will get the continuation. In contrast to Attack on Titan that people had to wait 4 years for a second season and were thrown a relatively insulting chibi season 2 years later, or Blue Exorcist, where people had to wait 6 years for the next season…

  5. I houestly think that you are wrong because the reason she might be so dull could just be for this season to be more interesting for her and just me but I would love to learn more about Bells girlfriend.

  6. This is very disappointing, especially because Aiz is going to be the MC. She had practically no personality, and doesn’t leave a strong impression. I would have rather Hestia been the MC, or anyone but Aiz. I seriously question the direction Danmachi’s producers are going.


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