Daniel Bryan Shows Up On Raw And Gets Attacked!

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The build for the Survivor Series is going to a higher gear as people from SD Live are showing up on Monday Night Raw and are adding that twist to this story of the red brand battling the blue brand. Last week, Shane led the attack on Monday Night. This time around, it is the General Manager of Smackdown Live that showed up and talked to Kurt Angle.

We have this storyline on Tuesday Nights where Bryan is not so fond of what Shane did last week. McMahon is his boss, and he really doesn’t care about Daniel’s opinion on this matter. He did what he thought was the best in the given situation.

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Daniel then came to Angle to apologize in person, but Kurt didn’t buy it. He didn’t want to hear a thing from Daniel, who is an enemy now, at least in his eyes. After they split, the lights turned off when Bryan was talking on the phone.

After the commercial break, the lights were still off, and Daniel Bryan was wondering what was going on. Then, out of nowhere, his former partner and a guy that made his return to Raw a couple of weeks ago attacked him and laid him out. It was Kane!

Source: www.sportskeeda.com

Now, this is pretty interesting. Daniel Bryan is now going to be fired up for this Raw vs. Smackdown battle. But, that is not all.

WWE has forbidden Bryan to take any kind of bumps because of his injuries that forced him to retire. It was a long time ago when he was physically involved in a show, which is interesting and might mean that WWE is considering bringing him back at some point. With under one year on his contract, the talks about him leaving the company and wrestling somewhere else are only going to be even louder.