Dangers of Not Maintaining your Neon Business Signs


Neon signs can be an integral part of your business identity, especially if you have a store or other facility that works in the evenings. Nowadays people often replace neon signs with LED solutions, but there are still those who prefer the old and proven way to attract customers’ attention.

Back in the 90s, neon signs were so iconic, and came in many designs, as wished by the company or brand’s owner. They are still perfect for businesses that run at night, like street food places, bus station stores, bars, etc.

Their popularity started in New York and Las Vegas, but also in Paris. Many people still remember those colors and lights, that were simply iconic for the 90s.

But, there are some dangers of neon business signs, especially when they aren’t properly maintained. So, the owners must check on the condition and see if there are any technical issues to be resolved. After that, they can be sure it’s completely safe to turn on the sign.

So, here are some of the things we will discuss in this article:

1. Cooperate with professional neon sign manufacturers


Although nowadays fewer and fewer companies use neon lighting, it is good if you need it, to always work with a professional and quality partner. For example, if you click here, you can see how these things are happening nowadays.

Many times a combination of LED and neon lights is used to create more flexibility with designs, but also to achieve a modern and contemporary look. Also, today’s solutions are eco-friendly and energy-efficient, because classic neon lights are big consumers of electricity. This also means that they are affordable for you and that maintenance is simpler than ever.

2. Never repair neon signs yourself


Neon is a gas that is trapped in the tube. Nowadays, argon or xenon are also used due to the economy. In order for the gas to light up, the tube must be connected to electricity. Well, you can imagine how complicated it actually is to fix neon lighting without professional help.

The gases inside are stable, but if the lamp breaks they can be toxic. That’s why we advise you to always employ a professional service to repair the defects or replace the lamp. The defect may be harmless, but it is not worth risking yourself.

3. Dangerous gas leaks

As you probably know, neon lights are often a combination of different gases in a tube, to accomplish a more illuminating effect or get a plain white or bluish color. That means neon is sometimes mixed with mercury. And mercury is very dangerous to be inhaled.

As we said, don’t repair the neon lights yourself. You don’t know what’s the issue, and sometimes, the gas leaks may cause dizziness or even sleepiness if leaked on closed property.

4. Dangerously high voltage and risk of burns


Neon signs require high voltage. For gas to give a light effect, it must be continuously energized. This also means that neon tubes are constantly heated, and the temperatures can be extremely high.

If there is an electrical short, it can easily cause a fire. The risk increases if dust and dirt are constantly collected on the tubes. Therefore, regular maintenance with the help of professional service personnel is required.

In fact, the high temperature can easily cause burns to you if you try to solve the problems yourself. So listen to us and hire an expert in time to help you with maintenance.

5. Poor installation performance

You must be very happy with the design of your custom neon sign, but you are even more confident that it is enough to hang it on the wall and turn it on yourself. But we must immediately warn you that it would be better to leave the installation to professionals.

They will know exactly how to set up the sign, but also how much power it needs. Therefore, do not risk it yourself, but let those who know how to do it install the sign in your store, bar, or fast food place.

The pros and cons of neon signs

The choice of whether to use a neon sign or another way of advertising your brand is yours alone. Many think that it is an outdated method, but there are those who still prefer to see the interesting personalized design and mystical lighting.

The upside is that you create a classic look that gives confidence to multiple generations of consumers or customers. You also pay homage to the beginnings of modern advertising. Choosing a proven way of branding means that you want to be close to customers, but also to be impressive.

The downside is the higher power consumption because neon lights really need a lot of power to be able to shine. Complicated designs can be relatively expensive. Of course, regular maintenance and repairs can also be expensive.

However, it is up to you to find the necessary balance and decide whether you need a neon sign or not.


Neon signs can attract a lot of attention and help in your business development strategy and increase sales. No one could resist a glowing sign that looks good, especially if the whole concept is inviting.

Of course, as we said, maintenance is more than necessary to ensure visibility and avoid risks of burns, gas leaks, or possibly fire. This means that you should not give customers access to the sign, that is, put it in a place where it is visible, but cannot be touched. Maintain it regularly, dust, and do not allow dirt buildup to burn on the tubes.

Finally, let’s emphasize that a well-maintained neon sign is good for your business and can help you get a lot of customers in a short time. In fact, visibility is the most important thing, and you have that with the help of illuminated signs, however old-fashioned and ineffective they may seem to you. And now, it’s up to you to make the final decision for the neon light branding for your business.