The Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations in the World


When it comes to travel, most people want to go to a quiet, remote location with sandy white beaches and a turquoise sea with curved palm trees. Although this is a dream journey, we decided to introduce you to slightly different destinations. This time we present you the most dangerous destinations that will make you feel alive.

These places are not naïve, and they hide a lot of hazards, so you need to be prepared for a risk when you visit them. It will give you an adventure of a lifetime that you will never forget.

Here’s the list of destinations we are talking about:

1. Valley of Death, USA

Some say this is a real hell on Earth, as the temperatures in this valley are about 56.7 degrees Celsius. This is the destination for extreme athletes who want to test the strength of their body. Fatalities are common in this place because dehydration is always present.

Valley of Death, USA
Valley of Death, USA/

2. Danakil Desert, Eritrea

This destination will delight you with its beauty, but do not let it fool you. The temperatures of 50 degrees, active volcanoes, and geysers with toxic steam and water are the dangers that you will experience here. The visit to this place without the help of an experienced guide is said to be a safe path to death.

Danakil Desert, Eritrea/

3. Mount Washington, USA

This mountain holds the record for the world’s fiercest winds. The fastest wind ever recorded at the top of this mountain was blowing at a speed of 330 km/h, which is a very impressive speed. The temperatures are also incredibly low, so the cold at -40 degrees is considered to be normal.

Mount Washington, USA
Mount Washington, USA/
Mount Washington, USA
Mount Washington, USA/

4. Volcano Sinabung, Indonesia

This active volcano is located in Sumatra and is incredibly deadly. The eruptions are very common, and a large amount of lava and hot rocks emanates from its core. This is a great destination for all adventurers, but going there without guides and protective equipment is another path to death.

Volcano Sinabung, Indonesia
Volcano Sinabung, Indonesia/
Volcano Sinabung, Indonesia/

5. Snake Island, Brazil

As its name suggests, on this island you will be welcomed by slim reptiles. The researchers have found that on a square meter of this land there are about 5 snakes, which means that at each step you will be surrounded by these “beautiful,” deadly animals.

6. Madidi National Park, Bolivia

At first glance, this place seems to be a tranquil oasis where you can rest and enjoy natural beauties. Still, the looks can definitely cheat. This is the place where the most heinous and most dangerous animals and plants in the world are found.

7. Death Valley, Russia

Although it has the same name as the American destination, this place is located in the shade part of Russia called Kamchatka. As there are plenty of geysers here, toxic gases and poisonous lakes pose a real danger.

Death Valley, Russia/Wikipedia

8. Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands

It looks like a part of paradise, right? Although it is like a heavenly idyll, this place is in fact very deadly. This is a radioactive island that was a test area where different nuclear and radioactive bombs were tested.

Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands/Pixabay

9. Elephant Kingdom, Thailand

In this area, there is a crocodile farm where you can see how these reptiles look in their natural surroundings. However, this place is quite uncertain and the cages and equipment used are not in the best condition, so you can end up as a crocodile food.

10. Afar, Ethiopia

Erta Ale is the most dangerous volcano on the planet and is located in Ethiopia. This volcano is capable of throwing out huge amounts of magma that destroy everything in its path.