The first two selections that the Dallas Cowboys made were kind of expected. They went with the position of need over the best player available. When you have the defense that is as shaky as their is, you have to address it in the NFL Draft. But, with their third selection, they surprised many people as they drafted Jourdan Lewis, a cornerback from Michigan. Two of their first three picks were pass defenders, which is a bit surprising.

The guy that they drafted is pretty interesting, not only because he plays at the same position as their 60th overall pick, but also because of the fact that he had some issues with the law in not that distant past which caused him to slide in the NFL Draft. Many analysts believe that he has a late-first round talent, but that he fell into the third round because of his off the field problems.

If we are looking only at his talent, he was ranked on some boards even as a Top 35 pick, some had him in the mid-60s, but nobody really had him at the bottom of the third round, when it comes to his skills on the field. But, as it often happens, off the field issues can cost professional players a lot of money and a lot of opportunities in life. The Dallas Cowboys can only hope that all of his law problems are past him. They took a medium-risk on this guy, but the reward might be pretty high if everything works out the way ‘Boys hope that it will.