Why Dallas Should Keep Alfred Morris On The Team


The Dallas Cowboys look pretty secured at the running back spot right now. They have a star at this position that is going to take the majority of the workload as he is a three-down back that can hurt you in many ways. That is why he is going to be outside of the field only when he needs a bit of rest. McFadden is supposed to be his backup, while Thomas was signed as a rookie free agent to be behind this duo. But what about Alfred Morris?

Well, he is likely to be cut as the team doesn’t really need four running backs on the roster. They should think twice about this decision particularly if he is willing to spend some time on the special teams as well, then the Cowboys should keep him on the team.


Don’t get us wrong, Alfred Morris is still a good player. In our opinion, he is at least as good as Darren McFadden, but he is on a bigger contract than him, so that’s why he is a prime candidate to get cut over McFadden. Morris will be more expensive than him, it is just as simple as that.

But, this man can still run the ball. If Zeke gets hurt or something happens to him, Morris is a better option than McFadden. If something happens to him, Darren and Alfred would have to work together to try and replace the impact that Elliot had. If this guy is willing to defend the kickoffs, he should be kept on the team as he could be quite useful in many situations.