Dallas Cowboys Win Over New York Giants – What Changed


Well, we can agree that the Cowboys performance against Giants wasn’t the perfect one, but still, they did control the result pretty much from start to finish. For some people, that Panthers lose meant end of the season, but not for all of us, true fans. Fortunately, America’s Team didn’t go 0-2 this season, and with a victory over divisional rival, they are sitting at the top of NFC East.

Dak Prescott significantly improved, this might have something to do with the challenge from Giants safety, Landon Collins. We are sure that he wasn’t all that happy about that, and was probably angry. Does it mean that angry Dak is the best Dak? If so, hopefully, he will get angry more often. Prescott connected nicely with Tavon Austin for a big gain and a first TD, plus we could see him running with the ball few times and that really hurt New York. The communication of the entire team was on the much higher level, and young QB’s accuracy improved significantly.


Running game of Dak Prescott definitely tipped the scale in more than one occasion. Hopefully, we will see him carrying the ball more often than it was the case in the first game and some previous duels. This time around he managed to get 46 yards on six carries, and with a few more in the future clashes, he would open more space for other players as opponents would need to additionally focus on that aspect.

Eli Manning was sacked six times, and he definitely didn’t feel all that comfortable on the field thanks to a very good defensive play of the Cowboys squad. Also, both Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr. weren’t able to win yards like in the previous game, but we did see how hard it is to stop a rookie running back that almost always manages to continue after a first tackle. And, don’t worry about Sean Lee, those were only cramps and not hamstring issues so he will play Week 3.

Dan Bailey is a legend of the team and one of the best NFL kickers ever, and after the Week 1, there were many questions about him being replaced by Brett Maher who missed 47-yard field goal vs. Carolina. This time around he was far better hitting the target after Austin touchdown. Later on, he was precise for both 37-yard and 29-yard field goals.


We saw Tavon Austin used a bit more early in the game and he really did manage to add yards to his stats both by running and by catching the football. It would be great to see him more often utilized on the offensive side of the ball.

Anyway, as we said, this wasn’t the perfect game by the Dallas Cowboys, but it was a lot better than what we saw in Week 1. What are your thoughts on this?