Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants – Week 14 Picks And Predictions


Giants are still in play for the divisional title, but this game should have had a much greater impact than it’s actually going to have. The Giants lost to the Steelers on Sunday, and now they need Dallas’ collapse in order to win the NFC East.

Divisional titles are important of course, but making the postseason is even more important. New York is in a great position to get to the Playoffs, but they need to keep winning in order to fight off other teams.

Cowboys have won 11 straight games while being carried by two rookies and supported by their great offensive line. Their wideouts are now led by Dez Bryant who is proving his worth. He will be the man to watch on Sunday as he will be challenged by this improved Giants’ defense.

Cowboys defense hasn’t been as bad as they were projected to be, but their running game is the biggest reason why this defense hasn’t been exposed. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens when someone slows down their RB and D-line spends more time on the field. If the Giants do that, Dallas’ corners are going to have a tough time handling Odell Beckham Jr.


Dallas has lost only one game, and Giants are the only team that has beaten them and that happened back in Week 1 on Cowboys’ home turf. New York was able to make some stops at the end of the match, but they will need to do that again against this Cowboys team that is flowing right now.

We think they will be able to do it and that the Giants are going to be the squad that snaps Dallas’ winning streak. The final score will be 31:28. Eli and Odell will have a good day and will give New York the hope that they can actually end the season as divisional champions.