Should Dallas Cowboys Target Jimmy Graham?!


The 2017 NFL season is over for Cowboys, and they have turned their eyes towards 2018. Their primary goal needs to be adding more playmakers to the rooster. One of the players who will be available in the free market, and fits the description is Jimmy Graham.

The last match for Cowboys in 2017 was a match against Eagles, and it showed all of their flaws on a plate despite them winning this game. Dak overthrew the ball a lot. The ones that were good, were dropped by Dez. An all-around lousy performance which showed just how mediocre Dallas team is on third downs.

Before the season started, it was believed that Cowboys are one of the more talented teams. But, after 17 rounds we have seen that that wasn’t the case at all. Dak Prescott regressed after a stellar rookie season, but it wasn’t all his fault. Cowboys front office failed to surround him with quality playmakers.


What they need to acquire in the off-season is a player that can stretch the field. Dez Bryant, if he returns, will need help in the deep field. Cowboys primary need in upcoming draft and free agency is a wide receiver with speed. In addition to WR, another position that needs to be filled is the one of tight end. Yes, Cowboys have Jason Witten, future Hall of Famer for sure but he’s 35, and he will be 36 next season. Clearly not in his prime anymore. And yes, he’s one of the all-around best tight ends, but he’s not a receiving threat he used to be.

Witten is excellent as a blocker, he’s a massive possession threat through the middle, he’s adept at being a full-back on run-downs, but he’s not a red-zone or end-zone threat. And at moments he looks like the slowest player in the league. He was never too fast, to begin with, and now his speed is almost non-existing.


One player that is a genuine red zone threat and will be available in the summer is Jimmy Graham. He wasn’t always consistent for Seahawks, but in the red zone, he is as prolific as they get. Upon leaving Seattle, Cowboys need seriously to consider landing Jimmy. He just might be what Cowboys need in the red zone, knowing how confused they were in front of goal line this season.

Graham is not a good blocker, but that’s why he would be a good fit with Witten in a 2-TE set. Witten would block, while Graham would search for a TD opening. With a player like him, Cowboys could use various formations on the attack, which would change their game that was, unfortunately, one-dimensional through the last season.

In the off-season, Jerry Jones will need to open his checkbook in search of playmakers. They should consider Jimmy Graham.