Dallas Cowboys Reality Check – Are They a Playoff Contender?!

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Cowboys are on two straight defeats, both at home, and coming into a bye week, they should re-evaluate their season goals. It isn’t always nice to hear the truth, but here it is. Five weeks into 2017 NFL season and Dallas Cowboys are a no-good team. The more positive fans are shouting ‘we should be 4-1.’ But Dallas Cowboys are not 4-1, they are 2-3 after losses to Broncos, Rams, and Packers.

The two teams that Cowboys beat are Giants (0-5, having their worst start in years) and Cardinals (2-3). So, the Boys have won two easy games but lost three against the good teams. If the season continues in a manner where Cowboys lose to the good squads and win against outsiders, they are not in for a good time.

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Despite their immense quality, the Dallas outfit plays like they are a team of rookies, both on the field and in the coaching area. Scoring over 30 points in a game and lose it, it’s not an easy feat, but Cowboys did it twice already. We are not even going to talk about time management against the Packers. Just, don’t give Aaron Rodgers that minute, a serious NFL team should know better. Don’t snap the ball with 8 seconds on the clock. Don’t throw an incompletion that stops the clock. These things are learned in elementary school. A second-year QB should know this. Everyone that’s even remotely connected to the game of football knows that in the world of Aaron Rodgers one minute is not sixty seconds, but it’s an eternity in which he will find a way to beat you.

But, that’s behind us. What lies ahead? A bye week. After that four weeks in which Cowboys have only one home duel. Anything to look forward? Not really. Dallas Cowboys can’t find a way to complete a game, let alone start a winning streak. Their next five opponents are 49ers, Redskins, Chiefs, Falcons, and Eagles. Not many teams in the NFL have a schedule this tough.

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To make things worse, their main playmakers are not having a good start to the season. Dak Prescott is somehow on a level that he set last season. The rest of the offense not so much. Dez Bryant only has 21 catches on 48 targets. Cole Beasley fails to make more than five catches in a match or to record more than 40 receiving yards. Ezekiel Elliott’s productivity is down from 5.5 yards per carry which he had in 2016 to 2.8 this season.

At the other end, their defense looks incompetent. A team of no-tackle kindergarten players would score against them. On last 18 times, they have been on the field, their opponents have scored on 14 occasions. They haven’t had a turnover since Week two.

It seems that a bye week is coming at a right moment. The Cowboys will have time to see what’s wrong and make it right. But the thing is, they might notice that they are not a playoff contender, let alone a Super Bowl nominee.