A famous name in football, Calvin Hill, was one of those who couldn’t believe at Dallas Cowboys comeback against the Eagles. Due to his state of shock he compared Dak Prescott to his 1971 generation teammate Roger Staubach.

Words of praise for Dak were the only words coming out of four-time Pro Bowl running back mouth. He even compared Dak’s start to the season to Staubach’s and was enchanted with how Prescott played at 23 years of age. His composure in the pocket was even better than Staubach’s who was 29 when winning his first Superbowl and 27 in his rookie season. Unlike Dak, Hill stated that Roger wasn’t able to play like Dak in continuity in his first year.

Calvin Hill was amazed at how Dak Prescott managed to pull the winning pass in the overtime after previously had his pass intercepted in the N-zone and had mediocre game in general. This was the sixth win in a row for Cowboys under Prescott’s leadership.

Hill didn’t stop there with his praises for Prescott, and after the Staubach comparison, he continued to compare him, like so many already did, to Tom Brady. He stated that Dak had the ability to extend the play like Staubach and that he is able to manage the game in his favor just like Brady.

Winning despite having a bad game is the mark of a true champion. While being harassed by Eagles defense, he had some bad plays but also had some good and eventually led his team to a win. Having a QB that can do that, and with the addition of A-Class O-line, made the Cowboys genuine Superbowl contenders.

Having Dallas Cowboys in the talks about the championship is not only good for them and their fans but to the NFL in general.

Hill reflected on this fact too. Comparing Cowboys to NY Yankees and their popularity that attracts masses of fans to the stadiums and TV screens. With two young players like Elliott and Prescott that are already stars, both Cowboys, and the NFL can profit. He is, of course, being biased because of his past and present allegiance with Dallas jersey. But as someone who was a champion and fathered an ace he certainly knows a few things about winners and winning. He stated that these kind of players are what makes the team great and that with more players like this more big worldwide popular franchises like Cowboys, Yankees, and Blue Devils can be born.

With football now being played on many days trough the week, NFL could use a global popularity of one or two teams. Sometimes during the week you have games that are only being watched by the fans of the teams that are playing. Currently, the only team that has some sort of popularity trough entire America are the New England Patriots. Peyton Manning is not playing anymore, Aaron Rogers is not playing on a level that would make the Packers popular outside the Green Bay. Cam Newton and Andrew Luck are not playing in continuity while Russel Wilson who is a franchise QB lost some of his recognizable running game.

With the situation like this Cowboys are right on time to get back some of their popularity that was gained when they were America’s team. With Dak Prescott who plays like he is a veteran and not a rookie and Zeke Elliott who draws comparisons with some of the Cowboys and NFL’s all-time greats like Dorsett, Smith, and Hill they could just do that. Not to mention one of the league’s best wide receivers in shape of Dez Bryant and Dallas living legend Jason Witten who plays trough his second youth.

This is a good base for a winning team and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones knows this. Despite his affection to no longer injured Romo, he stated that Prescott is going to start against the Browns. After the 6-1 start, everybody is aware of the threat that current Cowboys squad represent. And when the Boys are strong so is the NFL.