4Jason Garrett era is over


If Jerry Jones and Dallas Cowboys plan to improve and go deep into playoffs, Jason Garrett needs to be fired. He has not brought any innovations to the team’s playing scheme, and he is neither a players’ coach like Pete Carroll nor a tactician like Bill Belichick. The reason Garrett has stayed with the team is that Jones can control everything that is going on, plus, he “only” earns $6 million per year.

However, management is not the problem here. Even if Garrett were allowed to make free decisions, he wouldn’t change much on the team. It is what happens on the game day, and when it matters, Garrett usually makes a mistake and loses the match. Furthermore, Garrett has had enough time to prove his worth, and he is not the man for the job. This year was all about adjusting due to various injuries and suspensions, and yet, Dallas continued to play the same way just like when everyone is healthy.

For example, in the game against the Atlanta Falcons, Adrian Clayborn had five sacks on Dak Prescott, and each time it was Chaz Green’s fault because of which Clayborn knocked Prescott down. It took that long for Garrett to substitute him and change something in the game. Garrett sometimes needs to make better decisions and encourage the players to be more aggressive. Moreover, he has been criticized for the clock management, and that was evident in the game against the Packers.