Dallas Cowboys Complete The Comeback In Overtime To Shock Philly


This was one of the best Sunday Night Football games of the season. Two of the most talked about teams, two divisional rivals with two sensational rookie quarterbacks battling for supremacy. It was a tight one, but Cowboys were able to come back and stun the Philadelphia Eagles in OT.

Dallas was down seven points with just a couple of minutes left to get the work done. Dak Prescott was able to make a play and find returning Dez Bryant in the end zone. It was the most important catch of the day for the Cowboys, but not the most important throw.

That one came later in overtime as Prescott was able to scramble and extend the play so he can throw it to wide open Jason Witten in the end zone. Nobody was near him, and the veteran tight end had no problem hauling that game-winner.


Both teams had the ball late in the 4th after Dallas scored that game-tying TD, but defenses stepped up and gave no shot to Prescott and Wentz to lead their squads to situations in which they can score and prevent this match going into overtime.

Cowboys are now sitting at 6-1, comfortably at the top of the NFC. Eagles are 4-3 while the Redskins tied with Bengals and are standing at 4-3-1 and 3-4-1 respectively. Giants had a bye week, so they are still at 4-3. Dallas Cowboys are the winners of six straight games and they are looking like a lock to make the playoffs. Can anyone catch up with the ‘Boys? It is hard to predict, but as we saw so far, the squad from Dallas is just far better and can cope with anything that opponents throw at them.