Dallas Cowboys’ Biggest Concern In 2017


Every team has some problem, and Dallas Cowboys are not an exception. Building the perfect team is impossible, but the goal of the owners and the front office is to cover as many weaknesses as possible and have healthy players who will work together as one.

The strength of the Cowboys is the running game, and everybody knows that. Their offensive line is the best in NFL, plus Ezekiel Elliott that is an important factor as well. On the other hand, the passing game is also on a high level. Maybe it is not the deadliest weapon, but it is still something you cannot overlook as an opponent. The offense is complete with a lot of options and starts to carry it. But what about defense?

Defense is crucial to the success of any squad, and that may be the Cowboys’ biggest concern. To be more precise, it is secondary we are talking about. During the offseason, four veterans walked away from the team, and Dallas turned to draft to find replacements. Three cornerbacks were selected, plus they signed one veteran. This seemed fine at first, but two out of three draft picks suffered an injury, and they missed a large portion of camp and the preseason.

Besides Orlando Scandrick and Byron Jones, the Dallas Cowboys don’t have any other player on that defensive side to fill the gaps. And this is 15 days before the regular season starts. Every other player needs to do a lot of work, and there is no doubt that the rivalry teams will use these holes in the defense to gain an advantage. Anthony Brown struggled in the preseason and camp too, while Nolan Carroll also had difficult times at the camp.


Jourdan Lewis lacks experience, and he has a sore hamstring. Chidobe Awuzie also has hamstring and ankle issues. Rookie Xavier Woods has missed multiple practices, so the safety spot could go to Jeff Heath. These players will get well, and we will watch Awuzie and Woods in two weeks. But considering that the Dallas Cowboys’ ambitions are high, we are not sure whether these guys are ready to deliver at the level the squad needs them to do. Dallas needs to do something and do it quickly if they want to improve their defense.