Where Does Dak Prescott Rank Among MVP Candidates?


There is no way that someone can say that Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot are not NFL MVP Candidates. They are playing on the team that has the best record in the entire NFL. Not only that but also because they are the reason that this team has been able to do what they did so far.

This offensive line deserves a lot of credit too, but they are not eligible for this award. That is why we are going to talk about these two Cowboys’ rookies.

Tom Brady is in the conversation even though he missed four games. Matt Ryan is also right up there. Derek Carr and his Raiders are playing a great brand of football and winning because of that deadly offense. Where does Dak Prescott rank among these players?


We think Ryan, Brady, and Elliot should be ahead of him right now. There is no doubt about the fact that he is the man that should be a starting quarterback for this Cowboys team, but they are not good just because of him. His mate in the backcourt is also making a lot of big plays while making Prescott’s life much easier and his other weapons easier to access due to the fact that rivals need to look at him a lot more.

Derek Carr and Brady should be leading this race as they are the most valuable players for their respective squads. Elliot, a guy who is playing on the same team as Dak Prescott is also ahead of him and that is why it’s hard for us to put Cowboys’ signal caller higher than fourth in this MVP race.

We shall see what some of the next rounds will show to us and if there will be some major disturbances.