Dak Prescott Beats Out Ezekiel Elliot For Offensive Rookie Of The Year


We haven’t seen two dominant rookie players in a while, especially on the same team and on the same side of the ball. Both Prescott and Elliot have been the best players on the Cowboys all season long and have led them to the number one seed in the NFC. But, there could only be one rookie of the year, and someone had to lose on Saturday Night.

In the end, the award was given to the quarterback Dak Prescott as he is the leader of that team, playing the toughest and the most important position in all of the football. Prescott had a phenomenal season with 3,667 passing yards and all that in his rookie campaign. He was also able to throw 23 TDs and only 4 picks in the year.

When he came to accept the award, he invited his teammate Ezekiel Elliot to join him on the stage as he accepts the award. He realizes that Elliot was the key to Dallas Cowboys’ success this year and that he has had just as good of a year as he did. But, there could only be one winner, and Prescott is taking the award home. He also wished that he could cut the trophy in half with the knife, again acknowledging just how good of a season Ezekiel Elliot had as he led the league in rushing yards as a rookie with over 1,600 gained yards on the ground.


Even though Ezekiel Elliot probably had a bit better season than Prescott had, it is a common sense that if a quarterback and any other player that plays at the different position are neck-and-neck in a race for any award, the QB will always win it and that proved to be truth on Saturday Night.

We are eager to see the next season and what these guys will do. Can they dominate the league and lead Cowboys all the way?